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YouTube Advertising Tutorial 2019! $0.02 CPV with Google Ads for Video!

YouTube Advertising Tutorial 2019! $0.02 CPV with Google Ads for Video!

Are you ready to see how one can get $0.02 views on Youtube
videos with Google advertisements which I feel is likely one of the best methods to advertise
online to make a high impression I consider in it a lot that I’m doing it myself
and I’m going to point out you exactly how one can do what I’m doing here.

I belief if you wish to see my superb videos, you’ll be a part of us. You’ll hit that subscribe button and turn on notifications and comply with what I’m working towards here. That is how I’ve constructed my channel having to 17+ million views and 285Okay+ subscribers immediately. Google Advertisements assist you increase the ranking on a video which in flip tends to get probably the most useful views from there.

Thus, Google Advertisements are one of many few types of promoting
that gets you much more in return than no matter you initially put into it. In
reality, I’ve run advert campaigns for $1000 on Google advertisements for videos that have ranked
YouTube movies excessive, which have bought at tens if not tons of of hundreds of
dollars, based mostly on the organic search placement.

This is the primary technique I see proper now for online
advertising which is why I’m doing it myself.

Let’s take a look at precisely how you are able to do it in the Google advertisements interface right here with me Jerry Banfield. I start recent and make advert campaigns for two of my new movies as you’ll be able to see. I’ve an extended historical past of Google advertisements. I’ve 5 million impressions and I’ve acquired $zero.02 views on my channel. I’ve spent $170,115.82 in Google advertisements and a mean of $zero.02 per view and that has helped me lots to build my channel.

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The primary factor that helps with the rating is a ton of watch
time. The variety of time individuals spend watching the advertisements, that’s what really
helps the video rank greater. Subsequently, you need the watch time. Watch time is
large on YouTube plus subscribers. When you put watch time, subscribers after which
you like the video and touch upon it, this does superb issues to rank a video for
natural YouTube visitors.

I’ll hit ‘New Campaign’ and show you the right way to make a marketing campaign.
I have no advertisements operating as a result of I’m always cycling my videos. I put advertisements that
are sufficient to get a video ranked and as soon as I’ve obtained it tested on the ranking,
there’s typically not an amazing return more often than not by dumping more ad income
into it. All I do is push advertisements to rank movies until I’m happening a very
competitive time period, then I’ve dumped hundreds into ranking excessive.

For example, I acquired a video ranked on ‘Hacking’. One phrase
search term and that led to numerous views and loads of gross sales. I put in all probability $10,000+
into ranking that one. Thus, you don’t have to put a bunch of money into this
for it to be actually efficient and I always cycle movies. So, Click on on
create a campaign after which click on ‘Video’. It’s essential to select the best

You need to decide the precise proper sort of advert in here and
in-stream is the perfect factor. You want an in-stream campaign. You want the
videos to pop up before one other video as a result of that is the place you get probably the most
minutes watched. It truly takes someone clicking on ‘Skip advert’ and when
you’ve obtained superb movies like me, lots of people just gained’t click skip advertisements
and can get sucked into me talking for some purpose.

So, I hit continue to create the campaign with its default

Now, what we need to do is we have now the complete marketing campaign
creation from start to finish and I’ve a system for doing all the things from
naming campaigns to creating the ad, advert teams, and audience. We’re going to stroll
via all that.

Now before I get farther, if you need hands-on assist with this one-on-one video calls, be a part of my Associate Program. You get one-on-one calls and I can walk you thru doing one thing like this if at any point you assume, “Oh my God! That is crazy. How does he do all these things?” I just have carried out this lots so it is how it is.

Now, what we need to do first is we need to think about the
first video we need to put in here. I’ve picked out my model new video which is
promoting my sponsored video choice where you’ll be able to have a video on my channel
and I’m doing a whole video dedicated to selling that. So, what I need to
do is do an ad for this.

First, this can be a good video to run an ad for for my part
because it provides me the prospect to each have minutes watched on the video itself
and rank it and in addition to get the complete gross sales pitch in for the sponsored video. I
might make lots of of dollars just having one individual out of perhaps a thousand
who watch this video and like it.

Subsequently, I’ve grabbed the URL first. I’m truly going to
do this backward. I’m going to place the video in down right here and work my approach back
up. Thus, I’ve acquired my video after which I need to click on ‘in-stream ad’.

This clarifies what an ‘in-stream ad’ does. In-stream advertisements
play before, throughout, and after another video on YouTube.

Then I’m going right down to the final URL and I put the URL I would like
somebody to go to once they’ve clicked on visit the URL. Now, typically I’ll put
the precise video on YouTube if it’s a very lengthy video. However as a result of I’ve
picked a selected service, I’m going to place the URL to the service itself.

So, if someone clicks on it then that may take them to the
service. So we’ll put it within the ultimate URL and show URL exhibits somebody the place
they’re going directly they click on on it.

I might put a name to action and you may preview how they
look on totally different codecs. You only get 10 characters. So, ‘Sponsor Video’ is
too long right here.

I need to say one thing like ‘Get Started’. It’s one
character long.

I might say ‘Study Extra’. That’s exactly the correct quantity. It
truly has tabbed out. Thus, with the decision to motion, you need to simply get it
so it appears good on cellular. For an additional YouTube video, I’d put ‘Maintain Watching’
or one thing like that or ‘Watch Extra’ on the call to motion. For this one, I
can put ‘Begin Now’ and that appears respectable.

On the ‘Headline’, I can say ‘Sponsor Your Video’. Nope, too
long. I’m writing these in real-time to be able to see how this works.

We’ll just put Jerry Banfield in here. So it says, Jerry
Banfield and as the URL. I’d wish to shorten the show URL as a result of
there’s no point in having it say ‘Programs’.

That’s good. The advert is completed. I really like how briskly
it is to make an ad whenever you use the ‘in-stream advertisements’ compared to making say a ‘Google
display advert’. Now for the advert identify, we’re going to copy the advert identify from the
Youtube video, paste the advert identify and the advert itself is completed. That’s all set up.

Now, the subsequent factor we have to do is put a maximum value per
view or CPV bid in for international. I can often get international views for $0.01 and
then I can put the bid up round $0.03 or $zero.04 and for this one, I’ll do a
remarketing marketing campaign. Since I’ve received conversion monitoring, I can monitor precisely
where individuals are watching this. So on this one, we’ll do a USA campaign put
perhaps $zero.11 in and see what it is.

Now that I received the video ad completed, I’m going back to the top
and set the marketing campaign up. So for the campaign, I’ll return to the video title
for the campaign identify. We’ll put your video right here and it will permit us to
know what actual video this is. Then going forward from there, we have now 2
different things.

  • The essential audience to target
  • The situation

Now what I have a tendency to vary on these can be whether or not it’s
remarketing or new. So, this can be a campaign identify ‘Your video right here’. That is
the motion we’ll identify in the video, the nation and after it, I put the essential
audience sort.

I’ll put $10 a day. I don’t need a begin date and an finish
date. I need a day by day price range. So, I change over to the day by day price range from
‘Marketing campaign Complete’. I put in $10 a day. I depart the ‘Delivery technique’ on the standard.
We go maximum CPV for the bidding strategy. You’ll be able to take off issues on the
show network and it’ll aid you attain audiences outdoors of YouTube it says.
I will simply depart it to let all of this in there. I’ll check this some more in
a future video but right now so long as that watch time is counting on the
different places then that shall be fantastic.

What I’ll do here is, I hit English as a language. I’ve received
america. I need to do a complicated search. I need to do the United
States and comparable nations. So, we’re going to do america, Canada,
United Kingdom, and Australia. These are all demographically very comparable and
I’ll hit save.

So, I went in and put four nations which are very
demographically comparable. Once I get actual gross sales if I get any sales out of the
video then I can go break down which particular nations are greatest but for now, I’ll
attempt these out in all four of those totally different nations which are demographically
comparable. Now we’ve finished the marketing campaign and the YouTube ad. Now, the factor to
do is to do the ‘advert group’.

The advert group allows us to do concentrating on based mostly on our video. The
ad groups the place we decide our audience out. What I’ll do is, I’ll put the ad
group identify as ‘Your Video Here Remarketing’. The key thing that I exploit, I like
to use my remarketing audiences. Thus, I’ll simply go to individuals who’ve already
watched my YouTube views.

So, I will go over to browse, go right down to remarketing and
comparable audiences. I will decide ‘YouTube customers’. Then I’ll decide ‘View Jerry Banfield
YouTube channel’.

This can show an advert to everybody probably who have
already seen my channel. The great factor about this is, I do know I’m not making
a first impression with anyone until they’re youngsters on the iPad or one thing
like that. The thought with that is, I’m NOT making a primary impression with
individuals more often than not as a result of somebody’s already seen my channel. The chances of
getting extra watch time are a lot greater. The chances of getting a conversion are
a lot greater.

Nevertheless, it is nice to test out particular audiences but if
attainable, I attempt to use remarketing. Otherwise, the factor to do is, just check
totally different audiences and check broad first and attempt to zoom in in case you can determine
out exactly what’s happening. The great factor with doing it this manner is since I’m
doing remarketing, I don’t need to be too picky on most different issues.

There’s one last setting I need to put. I feel it’s essential to place them. It is to put ‘Cap’ and ‘Impression Frequency’. What I do is, I put 1 impression per thirty days. I do not need to hit individuals greater than as soon as with one among my advertisements. In case you’ve watched the start of my advert, both watch 10 minutes of it or skip it, I don’t need to attempt once more with you. I need to attempt once with as many people as potential and this enables me to not waste my ad price range on ineffective areas.

Because it’s already a remarketing viewers, I do know it’s
already the individuals who have seen my movies before. Then I really don’t need to
show the same individual the same advert. What I do is, I simply cycle advertisements time and again
once more. Then that makes repeated impressions on the remarketing audience.

I like to make use of the ‘Expanded inventory’. You get somewhat bit
cheaper advertisements typically. I get to assist out those creators who are caught on
restricted advertisements and because it’s remarketing, anyone’s already watched my video,
there’s no cause not to use expanded inventory. I don’t care what you’re
watching. I’ll go ahead and put my video advert in entrance of it.

Now, I can exclude sure issues however I don’t need to
exclude anything. There’s no purpose to exclude anything. I’ll show my advertisements on
every part and we’ll cap the impressions directly a month. You’ll be able to check out
totally different units, nevertheless, the prices might be totally different and the reach shall be
totally different. Plenty of impressions can be found on cellular units.

Now I’ve obtained every single factor carried out. The question is, did I
do this proper? You also can just create this in elements as a result of then when you lose
this, you lose every part. I’ve received this all created and completed. I hit ‘Save
and proceed’.

I feel we did a reasonably good job on this I all the time worth your feedback and suggestions. Also, drop a comment in this tutorial’s video in the event you’ve received one thing to say.

Now what I’ll do is present you how one can broaden on what we’ve
started. I’ll hit continue to campaign and it’ll take 24 to 72 hours to get
authorised. Thus, there’s no purpose to camp on your ad and marvel. Just give it a
examine again in 2 or 3 days, it’ll get accepted.

I’ve now acquired a new campaign up and what I need to do is copy
this similar marketing campaign into a worldwide remarketing campaign. This manner, I’m coming at
it from 2 totally different angles. The global advertisements will are likely to get a variety of views for
a low value which is great for ranking. Then the USA+ advertisements will are likely to have a
better shot at getting me an precise sale and in addition ranking. The USA+ advertisements will
often have the longest playtime however it’ll value extra to get that. Thus, I like
to stability it out and do both.

Subsequently, what we’ll change on this is the identify of the
copied campaigns. We’ll write ‘Your video right here world remarketing’. Then all I
have to do is go into the ‘Settings’. Now, on this marketing campaign, we’re going to do
the other of what we did earlier than. We’re going to take the selected nations
out, put ‘All nations and territories’ and hit ‘Save’.

Now we’re going to return to ‘Superior Search’ and we’re
truly going to do the other of what we did before. We’re going to only
exclude the identical 4 nations. That method there’s no double-dipping on the advertisements. My
international bid doesn’t get artificially inflated by the US. I’m capable of simply
exclude these 4 nations and hit ‘Save’.

Now I’ve obtained the other location-wise of the last one.
I’ve received all the things except the USA, Canada, Australia, UK and this enables me to
individually view what I’m getting. I can see how lengthy the video was played by
every marketing campaign. I can see the earned views by every campaign and I can even monitor
the quantity of sale I’ve received by every marketing campaign. This enables me to focus my advert
price range down on exactly what I would like.

For instance, if there’s no sale on both campaign, I’d
just flip the US one down or off just to get the video ranked. If there are
gross sales on one or the other I’ll turn the opposite one that doesn’t have sales off
just to get probably the most numbers of sales and overlook about anything.

Now that I’ve obtained these 2 created, I can do a quicker course of to put one other video. Every part else on these campaigns virtually will say the identical. So what I’ll do is simply paste these two campaigns into 2 new campaigns and these shall be for the brand new Start Educating On-line video I did lately. When you’re taken with studying methods to train on-line, you will love this video. This can be a actually good video when it comes to displaying every part it is advisable get started educating on-line. The suggestions is sweet. Thus, we need to get these in here.

So, step one is to rename this. We’ll write ‘Start
educating June 2019 World RM’ & ‘Begin educating June 2019 USA’. That approach we
know precisely what video it is. We simply go rename every of these campaigns.

Now what we do, we go into every of these campaigns. We additionally
rename the ‘advert group’. Ensure that to rename the ‘ad group’ on each of these. Since
I’ve already received a copy-pasted, I’ll do each of these advert teams now.

I have a maximum of $0.11. I need to regulate the maximum bids
on the global ones also. I don’t need to pay as much on the worldwide ones at a maximum
of $0.08. When you pay say $zero.07 on one view and also you pay $zero.01 on one other, it’ll
increase the overall value considerably. On the worldwide, I’ll put $0.08 maximum and
change the bids on both of them. I attempt to go for quantity on international and hold
out a few of those actually expensive nations.

Now that we’ve received each of those renamed, all we need to do
is ‘Edit advert’ and it will truly remove the ad we made and it will put in
the brand new. I’ll put the brand new video URL. We’ve acquired every part the same except the
‘Advert identify’ & ‘Ultimate URL’. So, I’ll put my video’s title as ‘Ad identify’ in it
and change the ‘Last URL’ on this as a result of this can be a really long YouTube video.
It’d in all probability be ultimate to place the YouTube video into this one because then for
people who need to watch the complete video but nonetheless watching their different video,
we’ll put that URL for them to observe our video in a special tab.

I can change the ‘Call to motion’ if I need to. I can put ‘View
Video’. Now, it’ll take individuals to the opposite video. So, if somebody needs to maintain
watching the video they have been on however then clicks on this to go to a special
video then it helps individuals from the ad itself get the video up on another page.
Thus, I’ve obtained it directly to the YouTube URL that means. If anybody clicks on it
then they’ll be taken over to the YouTube watch page itself. This is how I like
to do a variety of my advertisements because this helps individuals to then hold watching the identical
video they originally saw in an ad. I’ll hit ‘Save and Continue’ on this ad and
we’re nearly accomplished.

Now, all we need to do once this advert is saved is, go copy
this advert over and paste it into the other marketing campaign. We’ve now received four campaigns
and a couple of totally different movies with all 2 remarketing and all 2 international. This doesn’t
even take that lengthy and but once you do this time and again, it actually
helps to get an excellent strong to succeed in on your YouTube videos. Finally you need
these minutes watched on your movies if you would like anybody to observe them without spending a dime.

For those who’d love to do a sponsored video, if you would like me to point out your website, if you need me to talk about what you’re doing as an alternative of simply spending on Google Advertisements for it, if you’d like me to make a video like this tutorial’s video you can promote or I will even advertise it for you should you pay the advert finances individually, simply go to jerry.ideas/sponsored and you will get your video like that.

Now that we’ve received that one copied into the remarketing
campaign for ‘World’. Now we’ll take away the ad. Be sure to take away the advert
first or in any other case you’ll get disapproval on your ad doing this technique. Subsequent,
we’ll paste the advert we just copied from the other advert group and we’ll paste
this in now.

In just a bit time we’ve been right here together, I’ve created
4 campaigns i.e. 2 international and a couple of targeted on the USA and comparable nations and
promoting 2 totally different videos.

Now, the subsequent factor is, how do I decide my reporting? How do I decide whether or not I’m getting a superb ROI on this one?

What I do is, I exploit the reviews columns. Now, so that you can see
all the reporting columns lively, you want to have the YouTube channel and
the AdWords account related which I consider you are able to do going up into tools. I
did it a while in the past here’s one of many key metrics I exploit is, what number of minutes of
the video was watched and I examine the global time to the US time to determine
the place to put the ad price range.

By clicking on ‘Columns’, I can change over to ‘Conversion’.
So I can see how many precise sales I’ve made in there. I also can go over to ‘Columns’
and click on on ‘Viewers’. I can see ‘Earned Views, Subscribers, Shares, and Likes’.
Those are actually good indication collectively that a marketing campaign is working and
you’ll be able to truly set up a few of the customized column sets to get precisely what you
need in there. Thus, that’s how I decide which campaigns to keep going.

Nevertheless, I are likely to do if a campaign isn’t promoting or if I
have sufficient gross sales on something, I’ll typically just maintain cycling by means of my advertisements. And
one final point to make, if somebody skips an advert, you don’t pay for them. When
you see it says 39% view price, meaning I solely paid for the 39% of people who
did not click on on the ‘Skip advert’ instantly. If somebody clicks on the ‘Skip Advert’
instantly, if somebody doesn’t at the very least get by means of that preliminary interval then it
doesn’t rely as a view. That is good as a result of numerous individuals as soon as my face
comes up can be like, skip – skip – skip and that’s good as a result of then I don’t
should pay for that. You’re only paying for people who determine to keep watching
which is admittedly good as a result of this gets you a very good audience on your video.

All proper, I feel I’ve executed an incredible job by now if I do say
so myself of masking this matter and except for having to edit an element that received
butchered because it auto-filled personal info in and I often don’t
edit my videos. My YouTube app associate manager stated, “Don’t do lengthy outro”.

So, thank you very much for studying this submit. For those who discovered this video superb, please hit that subscribe button, click on the notifications and/or examine your subscriber feed to see the movies. I do new movies all about making an attempt to earn money on-line and attain your life’s objective 3 occasions a day at eight a.m, 2 p.m, and eight p.m Japanese Time USA. I really like you. You’re superior and I additionally share on Facebook in case you’d wish to comply with there.

If you’d like the assistance from me on what you’re doing, you need teaching steerage on anything, be a part of my Associate Program. If you need me to make a video for you, get a sponsored video. It’s also possible to comply with me on Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin.

Thanks very a lot for making it to the top. You are the
very best. See you in the subsequent submit.

Jerry Banfield