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The TSDZ2 is a tiny 750W mid drive kitt

The TSDZ2 is a tiny 750W mid drive kitt

The TS in TSDZ2 stands for Tong Sheng, and that firm determined a number of years in the past to make a mid drive package that was as small as attainable, however it will nonetheless be capable of meet the 500W energy restrictions of Canada, Austria, and Switzerland. Electrical bike experimenters have found out that it will possibly truly put out an occasional peak of 750W, and it’s rising reputation has caught my consideration. Right here’s what I might discover out about it…

The tiny mid drive with torque sensing

How small is that this small mid drive? check out the pics under. From the appropriate aspect it’s virtually utterly hidden behind the massive chainring (and belief me you want a largish chainring). And from the left aspect you’ll be able to see that the one place to place it’s under the underside bracket (BB, the pedal-spindle meeting).


The TDSZ2 on a Dutch-style upright commuter body.


The TSDZ2 from the left aspect. Should you attempt to rotate the physique forwards and up, the squarish controller cowl would protrude downwards extra. This location is the place it’s designed to be.


Europe actually likes what’s referred to as “pedal help”, which means an electrical bike over there’s sometimes NOT arrange to make use of a hand throttle. Once you pedal, the facility is utilized. And if you cease pedaling, the facility stops. They’ve a “road authorized”  velocity restrict on ebikes of about 16-MPH (25 km/h). You’ll be able to go quicker if you’d like, however…over 16-MPH, you’ll be able to’t add any electrical energy.

The USA has a 20-MPH velocity restrict for ebikes on streets, and the facility restrict is 750W (one horse-power). I don’t need to get off on a rant, however it’s unlawful within the USA to journey on the sidewalks, and the slowest side-street velocity restrict is 25-MPH, so…if an ebike commuter needs to share the street with Four,000-lb metal death-machines which might be operated by texting zombie-drivers, we’ve to back-up the visitors with our puny 20-MPH authorized ebikes.

To be truthful, so long as you retain it underneath 100-lb, you will get your ebike licensed and insured as a 45-MPH moped, which grants you the appropriate to journey in visitors with tons of horsepower. I truly don’t have an issue with the 20-MPH powered velocity restrict, as a result of once I experience 30-MPH, no one provides me a ticket for rushing (up to now). However I’ve  an enormous challenge with the facility restrict. Ought to an ebiking mother with a toddler and two luggage of groceries be restricted to 750W when she tries to go up a steep hill to get residence? Ought to she stroll, or simply take a automotive? [rant over]

Getting again to Pedal Help Sensors (PAS)…there are two essential varieties. The favored BBS02 makes use of an affordable “velocity sensor” the place a hoop that’s hooked up to the pedal-arm is crammed with tiny magnets, and it spins previous a sensor to inform the controller that the pedals are shifting. It’s common as a result of it really works “nicely sufficient”, and it helps to maintain the worth down.

The opposite fashion (the costlier one) known as a “torque sensor” (TS). There’s one TS fashion that’s constructed right into a bottom-bracket spindle to activate a hubmotor. And there’s even a TS fashion that screens the strain on the chain.

The TSDZ2 torque-and-speed sensing backside bracket meeting. The pressure gauge in situated within the middle of the spindle, and the 2 discs on the left (one stationary, one spinning) comprise the velocity sensor.


One of many issues that experimenters like concerning the TSDZ2 is that it has each, a torque sensor and velocity sensing. A “pressure gauge” is a tiny however refined gadget that measures the pressure that happens in a metallic object, as pressure is utilized to it. An ebike torque-sensor is a specialised sort of pressure gauge.

I’m mentioning rather a lot about torque-sensors as a result of many ebikers prefer it…and a few prefer it a LOT. I’ve ridden many manufacturing unit ebikes with TS, and I respect its virtues. The facility software is immediately on, and if you cease pedaling, it’s immediately off. One key function is that the more durable you pedal, the extra energy it applies, with a really clean transition.

PAS energy ranges are adjustable, whatever the sort. TS fanatics typically point out that it’s a extra pure and intuitive biking expertise to make use of a TS sort of PAS. The costly manufacturing unit drives from Bosch, Yamaha, and Continental use this. However these corporations gained’t promote it in a package that may be added to a body that you simply already personal. There are just a few corporations that may promote a TS package (Lingbei, Xofo, and so forth), and the TSDZ2 isn’t solely probably the most out there, it’s also the preferred.

In case you are irritated by a speed-sensing ebike with it’s “delayed energy on, and delayed off”, the time interval may be adjusted, however…like most individuals, I’m not involved about it. My favourite ebike has a 1500W BBSHD. It takes a 1/Four flip of the pedals to start out energy (or I can begin with the hand-throttle), and after I cease pedaling, it takes a second for energy to cease. I spoke to some individuals from Bafang, they usually truly really feel that the delay is a security function. If energy is immediately on from a slight pedal motion, the bike might bounce if you don’t need it to, or somebody merely bumps into the pedals when you’re at a standstill.

36V, or 48V?

I had stumbled throughout the TSDZ2 a number of years in the past, however at 36V and being adjustable to 250W-500W, I wasn’t eager about it, and there was all the time one thing extra fascinating to put in writing about on the time. Properly, one of many quirks of the TSDZ2 is that the controller is a  mass-produced unit by Kunteng/KT, and it makes use of a programmable grasp chip that’s unpotted (not sealed beneath a thick coating of water-proofing goop). That makes the programming straightforward to hack (extra on that under).

Once I was un-impressed by the TSDZ2 years in the past, it was a 36V unit that had a max adjustability of 500W, which suggests it was clearly designed for all of the nations outdoors of the USA (admittedly an enormous market), however when you begin utilizing this unit at 48V, I’m informed it actually wakes up (33% extra watts, with no vital improve of warmth).

Now, it’s lastly time to deal with the elephant within the room, which is the TSDZ2’s largest competitors. The Bafang BBS02 (the BBS01 makes use of 36V, the BBS02 makes use of 48V/52V).

Each of those mid drives have a poor heat-shedding path from the recent stator to the outer aluminum shell, so it’s sometimes higher to scorching rod them by growing the volts as an alternative of the “warmth producing” amps. That being stated, the “750W” BBS02 has a greater heat-shedding path, and in addition it begins out with extra copper mass within the motor.

Should you add a temperature sensor and comply with the principles of clever mid-drive operations, the BBS02 is often run at (52V X 20A =) 1100W. To be clear, the TSDZ2 is maxed-out at 48V X 18A = 860W (I like to recommend 52V X 16A, plus a temp sensor). In case you are a type of individuals who needs to obey the regulation, although you reside in a land the place the police don’t know learn how to learn a multimeter, I like to recommend 52V X 14A for a real 750W. The less amps you employ, the cooler it’s going to run. Should you not often find yourself utilizing the very best energy settings, you must decrease the max amps to scale back the motor warmth.

For individuals in Europe, a part of the attraction is that Tong Sheng truly makes a street-legal 250W drive utilizing the identical physique, so this tiny 750W motor seems authorized. Did I point out that it’s tiny? I’ve seen espresso cups that have been bigger (and daddy likes his espresso).

The controller will doubtless overheat at any amp degree above 18A, so the trail to the max energy is utilizing extra volts. Plus, a 48V battery can energy an inverter to offer 120V AC to your property throughout an influence outage. A 36V battery can’t. Most residence back-up inverters will settle for 48V/52V (13S/14S), so…the 48V/52V batteries are my favourite.

Let’s open it up!

I’ve sometimes needed to put in writing a sure article, but when I couldn’t discover any pics, there can be no article. By the point I lastly turned considerably curious concerning the TSDZ2, there at the moment are loads of user-posted pics so as to add.

Here’s a 23-minute video of tearing down a TSDZ2 (click on right here).


A TSDZ2 the wrong way up, and prepared for surgical procedure (pic courtesy of ES member “Farther”)


The notorious TSDZ2 side-cover

The Tong Sheng TSDZ2 has a water-proof score of IP54, which is fairly good. Discover that the side-cover above has a rubber O-ring round its’ edge. I might additionally advocate spraying the controller with a conformal coating, after which drilling a tiny 1/eighth inch diameter gap on the center-bottom of the duvet to permit any condensed humidity to drip out (as an alternative of build up).


The TSDZ2 left-side guts with the side-cover pulled off.


The three bigger 16-ga Blue/Inexperienced/Yellow (BGY) wires above are the motor part wires (18A max). The 5 smaller wires which might be hooked up to the white plug, they’re for the Corridor sensors. The pink and black Corridor wires are the constructive and destructive for all three Corridor sensors (5V), and the skinny BGY wires are for the on/off sign from the three Corridor sensors to the controller.

As you possibly can ALSO see…there are numerous layers between the recent stator and the aluminum shell, and never sufficient contact between them to assist take up the height warmth, after which shed it to the surface air. This runs high quality on 500W, however 750W requires warning.


The TSDZ2 motor, and the first Four.5:1 discount


The helical gears proven above (spirally formed tooth), are costlier than straight-cut “spur” tooth, however…they run quieter at excessive RPMs. The blue plastic discount gear additionally acts a a “mechanical fuse” in order that…if somebody applies an excessive amount of energy? a budget half will break as an alternative of one thing costly (it has been reported to be made out of “Delrin”). Additionally remember that it isn’t simply the “utilized energy” that may be a concern, the warmth that you simply trigger could make the blue plastic gear softer, which lowers it’s energy score.

The blue gear has 36T, and the metallic drive gear has 8T, for a Four.5:1 discount in RPM’s, and a Four.5:1 improve of torque on the output of the blue gear.


The TSDZ2 motor


The TSDZ2 makes use of a Three-phase Everlasting Magnet/PM in-runner motor, 18 poles on the stator (Three-phase, so 6 poles per part), 16 poles on the rotor (Eight pole-pairs). You possibly can learn our article on the how and why of motor design by clicking right here


The TSDZ2 controller


Now…let’s transfer on the the chain aspect


The 30 CSK-P Sprag clutch from the TSDZ2


With the clutch-bearing varieties discovered on a bicycle, the shaft can spin freely in a single path, however…then when it spins the opposite approach, the shaft “grabs” the outer bearing-shell, they usually each spin collectively. The three commonest types are a sprag, ramped-roller, and pawl.

For a 10-minute video on tips on how to swap-out the sprag clutch, click on right here.



From left-to-right. A sprag clutch, a ramped-roller clutch, and a freehub pawl-set which is used on widespread cassette bicycles. The TSDZ2 makes use of a silent sprag clutch.


The secondary has a 93T gear being pushed by an 10T, so it’s an 9.Three:1 discount (the first “blue gear” was Four.5:1), for a complete of Four.5 X 9.Three = 41.Eight:1 discount between the Four,000-RPM motor and the pedals. Having a really excessive discount like this enables a reasonably modest motor to place out an honest quantity of torque.


The TSDZ2 secondary RPM discount


The enter watts could also be pretty modest, however the output torque on the chainring is surprisingly good, because of the excessive discount, pushed by a Four,000-RPM motor…The 48V / 15A model (720W) is reported to provide 90-nM of torque.


The noisy brass “improve” gear, the HF1216 “ramped curler” clutch-bearing from inside the first gear utilizing needle-rollers, and the 609RS shaft bearing.


Should you scorching rod a TSDZ2, there are lots of elements that could possibly be broken by the added warmth, however…so far as the mechanical limits, the three fundamental culprits are proven within the pic above. If the blue plastic gear is broken, you possibly can substitute it with a available brass gear, nevertheless…the drive WILL be noticeably louder after that.

Inside that main discount gear is a roller-clutch bearing (proven in the midst of the pic above). The inventory 500W unit is constructed from “Chinesium”, which is a mix of recycled Chinese language scrap metal and expired South-Korean cheese. If it dies, substitute them with very reasonably priced models from Japan or Germany…

Here’s a video from an Italian web site that exhibits the best way to substitute the blue nylon discount gear with a brass improve gear.

110-BCD and two chainrings

The TSDZ2 comes with one 42T chainring, which makes use of a reasonably widespread 110-BCD mounting sample (110mm, Bolt Middle Diameter ). Nevertheless, as a consequence of its’ modest energy degree, some builders are been very appreciative that this fashion is definitely adaptable to utilizing two chainrings and a derailleur.

I truthfully consider that anybody who makes use of 750W (or extra) will ultimately understand that they are often proud of the simplicity of a single chainring with no derailleur, however…some builders nonetheless need this, and the TSDZ2 is likely one of the few mid drives that permit that.


A TSDZ2 that has been tailored to utilizing two 110-BCD chainrings and a derailleur, proven right here on a recumbent tadpole trike.


For those who don’t need to hack the controller firmware (which voids the guarantee, see under), the inventory unit comes with a 90-RPM energy cutoff. For this reason I discussed earlier that you could be truly need a big chainring. When the pedals attain 90-RPM, the facility stops, so a bigger chainring raises the road-speed the place the motor-power will nonetheless be utilized.

When a buyer is programming it, you need to inform the controller concerning the diameter of the tire (so the speedometer shall be correct), and a ceaselessly used trick is to inform the controller that you’ve a 20-inch tire, so it’s going to present energy at a a lot greater pedal-RPM in comparison with when utilizing a 26-inch tire. Since this unit measures the RPMs of the pedal-spindle, you can even change the chainring tooth-count to bypass a number of the embedded inventory power-at-speed limitations (these “hacks” additionally imply that the inventory speedometer won’t be correct).

The inventory single chainring has 42T. Utilizing a 42T on the entrance will present about 28-MPH when utilizing an 11T rear sprocket on a 27.5-inch tire, when utilizing an unrestricted controller. I’m firmly towards ANY energy limits, however I do consider that the present 28-MPH (45 km/h) federal velocity restrict for ebikes within the USA is definitely very affordable.

Right here’s a Evaluate…

“…I choose the Tongsheng and right here’s why: It’s a lot smoother and blends into the traditional bike driving expertise, however nonetheless giving a pleasant increase. Though the Bafang is extra highly effective, it’s extra like driving a moped and never as intuitive. With the BBS02, you simply spin the pedals and go. With the TDSZ2 it’s a must to apply strain to the pedals and so it feels extra pure. That stated, I extremely advocate each, however I want the TSDZ2. 

Energy: The BBS02 delivers 100% energy as quickly as you begin rotating the pedals. It may be an excessive amount of energy if in case you have it on a excessive setting. The BBS02 might be set on ranges 1-to-9. I sometimes stored mine on Four. It’s solely once I needed turbo velocity that I elevated it to 9. I discovered that I steadily adjusted the facility ranges, like gears, so I might hold it in management. If I had it on a excessive degree, it might lurch unexpectedly.

The TSDZ2, then again, is torque-sensitive, so it detects how a lot strain is placed on the pedals and delivers extra energy the more durable you pedal. The TSDZ2 delivers the facility extra easily, so I by no means really feel the necessity to regulate the degrees. The second I scale back strain on the pedals, the motor slows down. The TSDZ2 has Four ranges. I often depart mine on Three and simply overlook about it.

The BBS02 could be programmed utilizing a particular cable to regulate how shortly it reacts to pedal inputs. Some individuals insist this improves the efficiency and smoothness, however I haven’t tried this.


Mountain bikes appear to love torque-sensors, as a result of they haven’t any time delay with including energy, or stopping it. Additionally they like a light-weight drive, and this package is about as mild as a 750W mid drive might be made.


Brakes: With the BBS02, I typically used the e-brakes to cutoff the motor. I might typically gently squeeze the brakes, even when I used to be nonetheless pedaling, if I’m going close to visitors or pedestrians. Then I might launch the brakes and the motor would re-engage. You don’t actually need e-brakes with the TSDZ2. I might simply pedal extra flippantly and the motor turns off. It’s extra intuitive. The truth is, I re-installed my common brakes as an alternative of utilizing e-brakes (bonus: much less wires). There isn’t a worry of lurching. It’s simply smoother. Most TSDZ2 kits don’t include e-brakes or a throttle, and also you don’t actually need it.

Gear sensor: Additionally, I bought and put in a gear sensor for the BBS02. Altering gears underneath energy may cause them to grind and get broken. The gear sensor briefly cuts off the motor because the gears change. The TSDZ2 doesn’t have this feature, however, once more, it doesn’t appear to wish it. The motor cuts off in a short time if you cease pedaling or scale back strain on the pedals. It’s like the way it works usually on a motorcycle. 

Velocity: The BBS02 is quicker and extra highly effective. The velocity limiter on the BBS02 may be eliminated (as much as 99km/hr) with the C965 show. The TSDZ2 velocity restrict might be set as much as 45km/hr (though you possibly can set the wheel measurement to smaller than precise to bypass this, though the speedometer won’t be correct). 
Additionally, I’ve discovered it troublesome to get previous 40-km/h on flats with the TSDZ2. I feel that’s as a result of the help cuts out past a sure degree of RPM. A bigger entrance chain ring would assist if velocity is what you want. The default chain ring is 42T. There’s additionally a setting for “energy adjustment”, which can assist if I improve it.

With the BBS02, pedaling is only for appears. You don’t put a lot strain on the pedals. Nevertheless, the facility is nice. The BBS02 has nice torque and you may fly off the beginning line. With the TSDZ2, you’ll put in barely extra effort. However let’s be clear, it’s nonetheless a strong electrical motor and with not a lot effort, you will get shortly as much as prime velocity.

Throttle: A hand-throttle is on the market for each, however it’s pointless with the TSDZ2. I didn’t use my throttle both with the BBS02. I most popular to interact the pedals. I discovered it uncomfortable utilizing the throttle solely, since you’re placing 100% of your weight in your seat. That’s the reason ebikes want softer seats, full-suspension, or seat shocks. I did use the BBS02 throttle typically once I didn’t have my ft in the appropriate place and I wanted to speed up shortly.

Show: The Tongsheng VLCD5 show is huge. Barely too huge. I want it have been smaller. Though it does have a USB port [editor: to power a GPS or smart phone]. I ordered the smaller XH18 show which inserts on the left deal with. Bafang has a variety of shows which are a great measurement (concerning the measurement of a deck of playing cards).


The inventory TSDZ2 show


Construct High quality: The Tongsheng looks like a nicer construct high quality. Each drives are strong. The Tongsheng is slightly lighter than the Bafang (but in addition much less highly effective). The chain ring on the BBS02 appears low cost and other people typically substitute them. The chain ring protector on the BBS02 is plastic and the one on the TSDZ2 is metallic.

Noise: The Tongsheng is quieter. Whereas the BBS02 is quiet, there’s nonetheless a buzzing sound. I can barely hear the TSDZ2.  [editor: noise between the TSDZ2 and BBS02 seems to be hit or miss, due to manufacturing variations]

Battery utilization: I didn’t actually check it scientifically, however the TSDZ2 appears to final for much longer. Which is sensible, because it has a decrease wattage, and it doesn’t ship fairly as a lot energy [editor: adding your legs by pedaling always doubles the miles of the battery on any mid drive. If you swap-in a hand-throttle and only use that, you will get half the miles on the TSDZ2]

Set up: Principally, the identical. Nevertheless, in case you don’t have to put in ebrakes or a gear sensor, then that saves time. I’ve not carried out a lot bike upkeep earlier than this, so it took me some time, nevertheless it was nonetheless straightforward to determine. I wanted to go to the bike store to have them assist me take away the underside bracket since I didn’t have the best instruments for that.

Group: The Bafang merchandise are extra in style and have been extensively used, examined, and customised. There are extra tutorials, info, and guides by far than for the Tongsheng merchandise. 

Backside line:
I like to recommend the TSDZ2 if you would like an electrical motor to help you, however nonetheless retain the intuitive really feel of driving the bike. It’s a lot better for a novice rider or somebody who isn’t snug coping with the complexity of controlling the motor. I like to recommend the BBS02 when you worth excessive velocity and energy and don’t thoughts giving up the bike-like really feel. Or improve to the BBSHD for much more energy…”

Here’s a 7-minute evaluate video from a builder in Australia, after 5000-km’s (3100 miles), click on right here.

Temp sensor, and the Eight-pin cable

I extremely advocate utilizing 48V (or 52V) as an alternative of 36V. In the event you use the open-source firmware, you possibly can truly unlock the controller to offer as much as 30A, however loads of  experimenters have fried their TSDZ2 through the use of 18A too typically. To get the max potential energy, I like to recommend the previous components of elevating the volts as excessive as it could possibly go, and to make use of simply barely sufficient amps to perform your objectives.

If you will use greater than 500W, crucial factor you are able to do is so as to add a temperature sensor. In fact you should use a stand-alone unit with a digital show, however an alternative choice is to be sure to purchase the TSDZ2 Eight-pin cable model (as an alternative of the six pin), and that permits you (or the supplier you purchased it from) to program the controller to routinely roll-back the amps when the motor begins getting scorching.

In case you have the Eight-pin cable model, you don’t have to make use of the OS firmware or temp sensor, however…it’s there in the event you ever determine to make use of it. Remember that the inventory controller software program does NOT have a temp sensor as an choice, so you’d NEED to make use of the OS firmware to have an built-in temp sensor (and automated amp roll-back), and doing that voids the guarantee.


A fried TSDZ2, and belief me once I say that a fried motor smells dangerous…


If the TSDZ2 seems to be “not sufficient energy” for you, then utilizing a temp sensor means you can at the very least promote it whereas it’s nonetheless operating, to recoup a few of your funding. The worst case state of affairs is that you simply fry it whereas testing it [without a temp sensor]after which you possibly can’t promote it for any worth. 140F (60C) is close to superb when beneath load. Getting near 200F (93C) signifies that you might have de-magnetized the everlasting magnets, or brought on another injury.



The black goop [on the left] is high-temp RTV adhesive to carry the sensor towards the aspect of the stator. The pic on the fitting is among the widespread fashions of temp sensors that may work.


Open Supply Firmware

The “hardware” within the controller is straightforward to know, they’re the the bodily elements which are soldered collectively to make up the electronics. The “firmware” is the a part of the software program that’s NOT adjustable by the client. The aim of even having firmware is comprehensible. This drive was designed for the large European market, and lots of of these governments are very concerned in proscribing the facility of any ebike product that shall be used to journey on their public streets.

Should you bought TSDZ2’s in Europe, the UK has a 250W energy restrict and Austria has a 500W restrict. You may promote the identical drive in each nations, however the voltage and max amps can be locked by the firmware with two totally different  variations. Typical “software program” changes by the client can be the diameter of the tire, resetting the odometer to zero originally of a visit, the extent of help, and so on…

Within the USA (the place the street-legal energy restrict is 750W), many highly effective kits [like my 1500W BBSHD] are bought as “off street use solely”. Nevertheless there are various Euro nations that don’t permit that. Relying on which nation you promote the TSDZ2 in, you’ll be able to lock the firmware into limiting the volts to 24V, 36V, or 48V…and the max amps might be locked at any degree that the vendor wishes.

One of many largest issues with mid drives is that the purchasers who purchase them could make silly errors. Even after you have got warned them, they may typically begin their ebike from a lifeless cease, within the prime gear, on a steep uphill, whereas utilizing the max potential amps. For those who do that sufficient, the drive will overheat and die. The manufacturing unit drives from Bosch, Yamaha, Brose, and Continental all have built-in security options to guard you from your self. The TSDZ2 provides you the liberty to destroy it with dangerous selections.

The TSDZ2 controller is made by Kunteng/KT, and it makes use of a well known programmable chip, and with the ability to “re-flash” the firmware is one thing that was already a recognized functionality. However…when you make the choice to unlock the firmware, what program do you load into it?

An excellent programmer from Portugal who calls himself “casainho” has developed an open-source firmware program for the TSDZ2. One of many advantages of unlocking the controller is to have the ability to use a 14S battery (typically referred to as 52V). Doing meaning you will get 750W from solely 15A, in  order to maintain the warmth as little as potential. One other advantage of 52V is that it provides you the choice of utilizing a “56V” EGO garden device battery pack (which is definitely 14S, whatever the identify).

A battery pack that has 14 lithium cells in collection (14S) is also known as a 52V pack, however when it’s fully-charged to Four.2V per cell (we advocate Four.1V, click on right here), the precise pack voltage can be 58.8V. The EGO firm calls their 14S pack a “56V”. In the event you unlock the controller with the Open Supply (OS) firmware, the voltage restrict is the 63V capacitors, so “in concept” you would use 15S (which I don’t advocate, because of transient voltage spikes).

The controllers’ unlocked amp-limit may be set to 30A, which is simply foolish…since scorching rodders have accomplished the exhausting work so that you can confirm that 18A is a tough ceiling. Utilizing 20A will simply begin melting issues, and any extra amps than that may simply soften them quicker. If you wish to begin beefing-up the weak elements contained in the motor and controller, you may as properly simply purchase a BBS02.

Video of the TSDZ2 OS firmware, part-1

Right here is the video on part-2

Right here is the video on part-Three

And eventually, the video on part-Four

Here’s a 13-minute video assessment of the Open Supply firmware

If you wish to obtain the brand new OS firmware, click on right here

Right here is an OS firmware testimonial that I merely needed to embrace…

“…Jeff is definitely categorised as a quadriplegic. The situation of his spinal twine damage from an accident left him with 50% biceps and 35% triceps, and no use of his palms. He’s an actual trooper. With the TSDZ2 motor, he cycles over 100 miles every week. Typically 50 miles on a single journey. There are lots of people like Jeff whose high quality of life could be dramatically improved with a TSDZ2 on a hand-cycle, however it requires the open firmware undertaking to make it work the best way they want it…”

Internally Geared Hubs/IGH’s

As an alternative of utilizing the widespread exterior gears on a 7-speed freewheel with a derailleur, or an Eight-to-11 velocity cassette, some builders just like the modern and uncluttered choice of utilizing an Internally Geared Hub / IGH (click on right here).

A few of the high-powered drives we have now seen would break most IGH’s, however if you find yourself utilizing a low-powered and environment friendly package just like the TSDZ2, you might have the choice of utilizing any IGH that’s obtainable, comparable to the favored Eight-speed and 11-speed Alfine, from Shimano.


The Shimano Alfine Eight-speed IGH, all the gears are hidden contained in the shell


Talking of effectivity, I do  not advocate including a hand-throttle to this package. There’s nothing mistaken with a hand-throttle, however in the event you like that, the BBS02 has an enormous international group that may make it easier to with any challenge.

One of many advantages of the TSDZ2 is that it’s designed to make use of a PAS mode, the place solely pedaling applies added energy from the motor. That is the only biggest technique to make sure you get a unbelievable quantity of miles out of your battery pack, and meaning you should use a really small, mild, and reasonably priced pack. Most customers are reporting greater than two miles per amp-hour, so the 7.5-Ah 56V EGO pack (obtainable at Residence Depot hardware shops), would offer over 15 miles.

One TSDZ2 Quirk

“…There’s one drawback that occurs nearly each time it’s utilized by a brand new rider. The unit calibrates the torque sensing each time its switched on, and 95% of riders put one foot on a pedal after which flip the unit on, don’t ask me why, it’s simply that almost all of riders appear to. By consequence, the calibration of the torque help is approach out of kilter and also you get virtually no help…”

Hold your ft off the pedals whenever you flip it on.

My Conclusion

I don’t personal a TSDZ2, so take every little thing I say with a  truthful quantity of skepticism. Listed here are the advantages and disadvantages as I see them…


  1. It’s an reasonably priced 750W “USA-legal” package, you can add to your body of selection
  2. It’s probably the most obtainable torque-sensing package, and a few riders LOVE a candy TS
  3. It’s the absolute smallest 750W mid-drive package obtainable
  4. IF…you’re prepared to void the guarantee, there’s a free firmware program that lets you modify each facet of its efficiency and “really feel”, and…many customers are reporting that it really works nice (I don’t know, so don’t blame me).

Listed here are the CON’S

  1. 750W is its max, and lots of new ebikers truly need MORE energy (like me)
  2. Only a few sellers within the USA carry it
  3. The “Q-factor” (from Quadracepts, which means the width of the pedal placement) on the TSDZ2 is wider than common. Some riders swap-in the BBS02 crank arms, which reduces the Q from 210mm to 182mm. Some builders swap-in solely the right-side crank arm to make the pedals extra evenly spaced from the centerline of the bike.


I’ve ridden torque-sensing ebikes at Interbike, and I’ve to admit, I do like the texture. Nevertheless, the ebike I journey probably the most proper now’s a 1500W BBSHD from Luna Cycle. When spring of 2019 arrives, my subsequent undertaking is boosting the BBSHD energy to 2500W, so a 750W drive doesn’t curiosity me, regardless of how clean and seamless the facility software is.

USA sellers

One present USA retailer for the TSDZ2 is David in Tennessee at “”, which may be discovered by clicking right here

One other USA supplier is Mark in SLC Utah, Electrify Bike Co, which could be discovered by clicking right here.

Edit: I discovered a well-done 26-minute video of putting in a TSDZ2B onto a Yuba Mundo, click on right here.

Written by Ron/spinningmagnets, December 2018