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MOTIVATION & STRATEGY for Prelims – 2019: by Chitra Mishra, Rank 20 UPSC CSE – 2018

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MOTIVATION for Prelims – 2019

by Chitra Mishra, Rank 20

UPSC CSE – 2018


Prelims is across the corner. Yes, it’s right here. For most of you, who are reading this, it is rather crucial to know 2nd June certainly shall move. 

Now, one needs to be very strategic and calm at the similar time to deal this part. That is the part of immense self-doubt, confusion, chaos, nervousness. This is the time if you assume – should I not give the exam. Ought to I ‘save’ this specific try?

Sure, I did feel the same. And I felt many a occasions than not; Why is it so?

It’s so as a result of Prelims provides you the sense of unpredictability. Abruptly you are feeling, you already know nothing. Abruptly each matter, each ebook appears distant. All revision involves a standstill.

Grasp on. Here is the key. At some point at a time. Self-belief– Gautam Buddha’s golden theory- Middle Path between over-confidence and hyper-anxiety;

A few of the key issues to do in the previous few days of Prelims

  1. You need to be extremely clear what to read and what-not-to-read. On this case, as an example, do not read complete books. Read chapters- selectively;
  2. Guarantee you do not find yourself making loads of excellent revision plan which becomes virtually unattainable to finish further making you fall within the loop of mental lure.  
  3. Try to remind your self that each one these preparations will not be going to enable you discover the query within the examination hall; as an alternative all the last-minute revision, studying, memorizing will provide you with the much-needed confidence to strategy the exam in another way in the examination corridor on that specific day;
  4. Make sure you slender down the reading material. Belief me that eases off the burden at hand and makes you are feeling already half means via;
  5. Lots of you by now should have given 20 odd check papers and fared exponentially properly, and have to be gaining numerous confidence. For those of you who usually are not, trust me, UPSC goes to throw bouncers alike on 2nd. Therefore, it is plain psychological therapy.

Meanwhile, how one can make one of the best use of the time:

If we have been to research subject-wise, through the years, this is the stage, I struggled mentally probably the most. Two causes. First, as a result of, objectively, in the event you ask me to decide on, I take a pause and get puzzled. Secondly, plethora of data utterly overpowers me. How a lot are you able to keep in mind? How a lot are you able to recall? How a lot can you store?

But you possibly can undoubtedly LINK. You possibly can CONNECT. You possibly can definitely manage and relate the pattern. Sure. My key studying during successive prelims during this examination have been

–          Do not let the 100 questions over power you. Prelims shouldn’t be about info overload. It’s about confidence, temperament and angle;

–          It isn’t a lot about making all the suitable decisions in the exam hall in these 120 minutes. It is more about figuring out and not making mistaken decisions. Keep in mind, the paper needs you to fall into lure and make fallacious decisions and get eliminated. 50% of your battle is to let yourself not do this;

–          For those who therefore, can determine these pit-falls, these excessive phrases, these statements the place you’re sure to mark otherwise, you can also make a huge distinction to your last rating. Trust me, it’s such foolish psychological battle which lets you see your 6-digit roll quantity within the pdf selected to seem for UPSC Primary examination.


Common Studies Paper- 1

Revision Ideas:


Indian Polity by Laxmikant needs a number of revision.  Its fantastic as long as subjects are finished in a strategic and effective manner.

Link –

Few Recommendations to decode Laxmikant:

–          Parliament is crucial phase. Be sure to revise it, regardless of how daunting it might sound;

–          Union and State legislature ought to be accomplished parallelly. It saves plenty of time and confusion. If want be make few micro-notes, at these junctures where you make foolish errors. This must be adopted by co-related research of Local Self Government;

–          Subsequent most essential phase can be chapters on Elementary Rights, Directive Rules of State Policy and Elementary Duties.

–          Guarantee Constitutional and Statutory Bodies are executed with sufficient readability. Make a tabular notice of key distinction in case you find it troublesome to recall.

–          This can be adopted by Centre-State relations (Administrative, Legislative, finance) and Emergency

–          Lastly, other chapters like anti-defection, special powers, historic background and the chapter on citizenship.

Lastly, one single source of current event, which lets you hyperlink with this ebook. For example, as a result of CBI was in information in the previous few months, one can anticipate a query on procedure of appointment of director of CBI or its basis of formation. Here comes the key- Linkages.


On this case,

Revise Primary syllabus

  1. Part 1 1757-1857
  2. Part 1- 1857- 1947

One major suggestion in History is to divide the syllabus into sub subjects:

What are the key areas the place UPSC has been asking questions in the last 5 years?

Try to understand the areas

  1. Part of Indian National Congress 1885 onwards. Revise major Congress Session, events, hyperlink the necessary phases in Nationwide Actions. For instance, Link,

ü  1905 partition of Bengal with 1905 Benares Session- Gokhale & 1906-Calcutta Session- Tilak; Equally, 1916 Session with Average-Extremist merger;

ü  1929-Lahore session and 1931 Karachi Session with the Round Desk Convention and Gandhi-Irwin Pact;

  1. Secondly, if Governor-Basic is covered, guarantee main battles, legislations, are accomplished. Instance,

ü  Lord Lytton- Vernacular Press act, 2nd Anglo-Afghan Warfare;

ü  Lord Curzon- 1904 University Act, Company Act, 1899;

  1. In case of Gandhi, guarantee, aside from all the main movements and events (Champaran-Kheda-Ahmedabad; Rowlatt, Non-Cooperation, Civil Disobedience, Give up-India Motion)- one additionally focusses on Temple entry movement- Vaikom Satyagraha, his views on Khilafat Movement, his constructive program, Harijan ideals, Poona Pact. So, the key concept is attempt to look beyond the popular subjects.
  2. Peasants and Tribals Uprisings. For instance, should you start with Indigo revolt in Bengal, 1853-57, transfer to Pabna revolt 1873-76, link it additionally to other movements in Bengal- Faraizi Motion– then infamous 1943 famine (This should allow you recall Strachey Commission of 1880 related to famines) and then finally Tebhaga Motion- 1946-47. This manner there are lot of subjects coated with a standard theme Bengal and Revolts/Uprisings.
  3. Similarly, another crucial subjects consists of

–          Bhakti and Sufi Movements

–          Buddhism and Jainism

–          Faculties of Philosophy

–          Moderates and Extremists

–          Charter Acts, Indian Council Acts, Government of India Acts

–          Main Battles – Carnatic, Anglo-Mysore, Anglo-Maratha, Anglo- Afghan, Anglo-Sikh

So in a nut-shell, revise subjects and not HISTORY or SPECTRUM. That doesn’t assist.


In case of Setting, a few of the key last moment focus areas are

–          Biodiversity – make sure you google critically endangered species, endangered and weak species. Ensure you distinguish between Himalayan tahr and Nilgiri Tahr. UPSC expects this degree of readability from you. Similary Pink Panda and Big Panda; Yes, they don’t seem to be related to one another.

–          Local weather businesses like UNEP, GEF, IPCC, UNFCC, NAPCC, MoEF & CC, Conservation International, Ramsar Worldwide, Fowl life International, BSI, ZSI are extremely necessary. Ever because the exam is combined with the prelims of Indian Forest Providers, it is just logical for the paper to have extra questions from this phase.

–          Setting associated legislations: In this area, one have to be conceptually clear when it comes to the idea of the legislation- The Water (Prevention and Management of Air pollution) Act, 1974;The Forest (Conservation) Act, 1980;The Air (Prevention and Management of Pollution) Act, 1981; The Surroundings (Protection) Act, 1986;The Biological Variety Act, 2002; Nationwide Inexperienced Tribunal Act 2010; The Compensatory Afforestation Fund Act (CAF), 2016;- Questions from this section is perhaps asked to know your readability upon the intent of the act and never a lot on the knowledge;

–          Surroundings and Ecological Conceptual key phrases – In this case

  • genetic variety versus species variety;
  • ecotone, ecological area of interest, biosphere
  • alpha, beta and gamma variety,
  • difference between species, genus, household, order, group,
  • Natural vegetation
  • Air pollution

And eventually, in this part, if at all there was any new improvement within the final 12-15 months, do revise your present affairs to make sure you don’t miss out on that;

In 2016 CSP, Query on Blue Mormon was requested immediately from current affairs –


This topic requires strategic revision. In the previous few years, it has been a difficult part, for not much of coverage has been from this specific space. Earlier physical geography was a go-to area until 2014-15. Final Three-Four years has seen a shift in the sort of questions which has been asked. So be very selective in the last-minute revision.

Key areas to cowl

–          Make sure you spend 30 min to cowl world map very successfully on both

This might enable you to refresh and de-stress your self after critical periods of heavy doze revision of core Polity, Financial system, History;

–          Indian Geography – The only guiding supply must be the chapters of India Bodily NCERT Class XI, – Physiography, Rivers, Vegetation, Climate, Soil.

–          World Local weather. I read from G.C Leong-

–          Physical Geography– Class XII NCERT

Therefore, Geography must be dealt in a very objective manner and even in the exam, utmost care ought to be taken to deal the questions on the idea of aptitude.

In CSP 2017, as an example, for those who travel by street from Kohima to Kottayam, what’s the minimal number of States inside India via which you’ll be able to journey, including the origin and the destination?
(a) 6

(b) 7

(c) 8

(d) 9

Now, this can be a query purely based mostly in your presence of thoughts, calmness within the exam corridor and analytical aptitude.


In case of Culture the preparation wants two-pronged strategy

Half 1- Quick Revision of key themes

–          Artwork and Structure

–          Work

–          Dance

–          Music

–          Puppet

–          Theatre

–          Literature

Part 2:

A number of the key subjects like UNESCO Intangible Heritage listing, World Heritage Sites – Cultural, Outstanding Excavations in Information, Main Tribal Festivals, Any Pageant in Information talked about on PIB web site particularly, any centenary celebration (Champaran last yr, Paika Riot)

Financial system:

Aside from Class XII NCERT Macro Financial system Abstract hooked up here, do revise your normal present affairs.

In the long run, for Science and Know-how, refer to at least one commonplace supply of Present affairs booklet and revise it a minimum of 2-3 occasions to avoid factual error in the corridor.

End Notice:

So lastly, I hope this provides some path and perspective for these of you who may be in probably the most crucial and aggravating part of preparation.

Few key targets from your self in the subsequent fortnight:

–          There’s solely a lot one can do. Its alright to not be capable of full the set syllabus on a given day. Even for those who full 60-65% of it, you’re a winner of first order.

–          Revise one half of the day static and the other half present. For some of you it also consists of your Mock check answer sheets, organized chronologically within the folders.

–          Remind yourself every time you are feeling nervous, that you are not alone. There can be hundreds like you mentally battling the daunting process of memorizing, revising and getting ready to face the challenging battle of sudden in the bravest attainable method.

–          Lastly, respect all the onerous work you’re putting in every single day regardless of the result and inform yourself that third June is round the corner either method. 

Till then, All the VERY greatest.