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Film 30 Minute Video Classes in an Hour of Real-Time!

Film 30 Minute Video Classes in an Hour of Real-Time!

Are you prepared to start out filming 30-minute lengthy video programs in just an hour?

I’ll present you the exact gear I recommend and the precise video production software program, the software program is OBS, it’s free, I’ll present you exactly how one can start doing what I’m doing producing your personal 30-minute lengthy video programs in simply an hour of real time.

Educating online is the number one activity I discovered to earn a living online and to turn out to be a full time entrepreneur. And this one video will assist you make a really robust begin and produce high-quality video courses like this.

I trust if you’re blown away by this you’ll smash that subscribe button on YouTube and turn those notifications on when you actually need me to spend that a whole lot of you, you already know a flip that comply with me on Fb and switch all these notifications on additionally.

What we’re going to cover in right here is it will begin with a introduction telling you extra about why you need to movie 30-minute video courses even in case you’ve been producing courses for some time, take a look at the most effective microphone setup, then we’ll take a look at the perfect digital camera setup.

Then we’ll undergo and do a full tutorial displaying you learn how to set all the things up in OBS, identical to I’ve it which is what I exploit to report my video courses.

Now, these final three videos are within the full course is known as movie a 30-Minute Video Course, in a single hour, I actually took me an hour to movie the entire thing, put it up have it revealed on Uthena.

Now should you’d wish to get this you should purchase it using a hyperlink in the description or the easiest way to get it is go for that Jerry Banfield eternally all correspondence you get every course I make for all times for one cost at the moment.

You may as well take each course of mine plus all the 300 courses on Uthena for $9.81 a month all of the links for all these things is within the description.

Thanks very a lot for starting this with me.

What I’ve truly shown you here is find out how to make gross sales, your video programs identical to I do if you wish to sell your courses and build a following doing this type of a preview video of the 30-minute course you’ve filmed is a precise means to try this. And I respect you helping help me with this right now.

Let’s begin the course off with the videos from the course.

Are you ready to see how I film a 30-minute video course and only one hour of actual time at this time.

With the ability to movie quick video courses is an impressive alternative to teach individuals to share your information and subsequently to have the prospect to be a full time entrepreneur online. Filming video programs has been the only neatest thing I’ve ever carried out when it comes to my on-line career my job and thus I’ll present you find out how to do it right right here your self.

Why 30-minute video programs?

Individuals are so busy nowadays. After which when individuals see large the the courses, typically the responses, “Whoa, I’m not even going to have the ability to end that course why even began?” The 30-minute course is an excellent size, as a result of it’s appealing to people who take a look at it and say, “Yes, I’ll watch that complete course proper now,” the secret is to be able to do this in just an hour of actual time. As a result of then if you want to film courses on-line and you’ve received an hour a day, you possibly can literally movie a course every single day of the week.

Even in case you already had a full time job. Simply it’s really essential to be able to movie a superb quality course in a short amount of time to maintain it accountable. I am utilizing a stopwatch all through this course to point out you ways much real time I’ve spent on it.

Now all I’ve acquired completed beforehand is a thumbnail for this course which you can make a quick thumbnail in Canva yourself. For me my graphic design is horrible. In the event you can hire graphic designer to make thumbnails that may actually show you how to out.

That stated I’m doing the remaining this course I’ve no outline. I’ve carried out nothing but give it some thought slightly bit to plan it, I’ll show you precisely how lengthy it takes in real time to truly get the course achieved from begin to finish.

Now by achieved I’ll mean to have the videos up and write the textual content that you simply’ll be capable of put it on any totally different platform and promote it there. Thus, your venture for this course is to do as I’ve carried out when you see this, make your personal course that’s 30-minutes lengthy, and just an hour of real time. And here’s the factor, for those who’re not a veteran of filming programs like me, it’d take you two hours of real time it’d take you three or 4 hours real time.

However that’s alright. What I’m supplying you with here’s a course of to movie your courses actually quick, at the highest quality within the least amount of time. That’s finally what we’re going for. If you wish to make programs online highest quality within the lowest amount of your actual time.

That method you’re freed up to do different things. Are you prepared? I am excited to share this course with you.

Let’s begin and take a look at the gear you will have to film.

The first piece of kit I recommend to get is that this Shure SM58-s microphone bundle.

The microphone is a crucial element of getting a top quality on-line course. Now I’ve obtained about $1,000 setup that I’m using. But what I’m displaying you is a much cheaper option to give you the absolute best audio quality at the lowest value using your inbuilt microphone or utilizing your low cost headset.

These are actually dangerous options because the audio quality is a type of subconscious alerts that folks get that claims either this is good or dangerous. A whole lot of us are used to listening to very top quality audio. And we’re immediately turned off once we hear actually nasty or yucky audio.

Lots of amateurs and newcomers like me attempt to compensate for this through the use of all modifying software. And that is the other strategy you need to take for filming a course within the least period of time. Why? As a result of as two new teacher I simply talked to the other day, they spend one-minute recording after which five minutes modifying on average and this is unsustainable.

That’s why I’ve set this up, you movie a whole course that’s 30-minutes lengthy and simply an hour, you should not have time to screw around modifying your audio, here’s the way you do it, you get a microphone the place the audio sounds good, as quickly as it comes in.

When you’ve acquired an audiosetup, that sounds good. As soon as you report it, you don’t have to edit it with enough apply especially you will speak naturally and from the guts. However we’ll speak more about that in a second. The important thing factor is that your audio will are available ok the place you don’t have to put all these audio submit processing results on it. I like to recommend this microphone, as a result of it’s a basic. That is what you see individuals we’re utilizing on stage, it’s good at not choosing up a bunch of background noise.

It’s good at immediately taking your voice from your mouth and talking into it. This comes with a stand and it comes with the cables.

Now the other thing you’ll need for that is an audio interface.

So an audio interface you’ve obtained right right here, this audio interface the main target right Scarlet solo 2i2 this audio interface here will provide you with the power to truly get this microphone into your pc.

So you will have to get this microphone into your pc using this USB audio interface. So you purchase the microphone, and this USB audio interface. And that’s a total of about $250 in audio gear.

Nevertheless, that may be a large increase to your credibility, an enormous increase to your high quality, and it’ll offer you strong sounding audio the place you don’t have to edit it in any respect. You see if I’m filming the course of 30-minutes lengthy and an hour of precise time. And I’m including the planning the outlining of the course the filming of all the videos, after which the even getting the upload started.

In case you’re going to try this, you don’t have time to do any modifying in any respect. I’ll speak to you more about that however you’ve obtained the setup right here. When you’ve acquired this audio, then you definitely’re ready to get the video in and when you get the video in, you’ve obtained the whole lot you want.

For the second key element of recording, I recommend have your face on there I much choose seeing individuals’s faces if they’re making a video class and that is the webcam I like to recommend to do it with the Logitech C 930e.

That is beneath $100 at the very least for me in the US and it provides you a a lot better high quality numerous occasions than utilizing a laptop microphone otherwise you don’t you it’s comparable high quality to paying much more. For other cameras It will assist you to simply plug straight into the pc by way of USB then you definitely’ll have a reasonably good image and in case you get the Logitech Digital camera Settings app, then you possibly can management the colour and the stability.

Then in case you get a pull up Chroma key within the background, I’ve truly received a inexperienced painted wall behind me. But for those who get a pull up Chroma key, it’s identical to somewhat projector display besides it’s a green display. So you possibly can simply search for pull up Chroma key. You mix this together with your Logitech C930e digital camera, and also you’ll have a superb wanting backdrop which you could simply go into an edit and have a chroma key.

This will provide you with the appearance of knowledgeable like me. And you may see this solely prices only for something that can make you some huge cash like filming video programs, this value less than $500. In reality, this plus the microphone is about $350 that’s all of the gear you actually need to do a very good job with this filming setup.

Now, when you’ve acquired the digital camera, the audio and ideally, the inexperienced display is perhaps one other $150. So you will get that for $500. Then for $500 you’ll have a filming setup that can make you some huge cash in video course sales and ad revenues that can assist you build a following. And that provides you every part you want to be a full time entrepreneur on-line or to be on your means there.

Now that we’ve obtained the gear setup, let’s check out the software.

On your video filming software program where you set collectively your digital camera, you set together your microphone and you set collectively your display. The best choice is known as Open Broadcaster Software.

You’ll be able to see it proper here it goes by OBS for short, this is what I exploit to movie my video courses after initially filming with Camtasia because OBS is free, and OBS is made for stay streaming. But what’s very nice about OBS, is the power to in a short time modify to what you’re doing in real time. Like I can move my digital camera angle right here in real-time.

This can be a powerful function. And most importantly, once I film a video on OBS, the rendering is completed as soon as I hit the report button.

That is my secret actually, that permits me to movie movies so fast, I don’t should render them. Once you use something like Camtasia you to report and you screw around and edited a bunch. And then you want to render it that takes a variety of time.

Once I just actually hit begin, start speaking, hold talking ceaselessly. After which I hit cease. I’m executed. I’m able to upload my video as quickly as I’ve hit cease. And that takes issues to the subsequent degree.

And the great thing about it. That is totally free, you don’t even need to buy something. So we go to OBS Studio right here you possibly can see it’s on Windows, Mac, and it’s on Linux could be very straightforward to convey your youngsters digital camera and your audio and, and pull all several types of sources and to make minute top quality adjustments to provide your image a very good touch.

So when you’ve acquired OBS downloaded and arrange, then the important thing thing to do next is configure it. So I’ll go in here with you. And we’ll take a look at a number of the primary configurations.

The very first thing you could have an OBS, you could have scenes. Now before you even do this, chances are you’ll need to go in right here and examine your settings. So the settings choice is on the lower right now should you actually need to go try-hard like me, you’ll be able to what I’m utilizing is the El Gato stream deck.

This enables me to dynamically move my face around the video.

I may even put video issues like subscribe to my channel, I can trigger I can transfer my video around in real time, which is basically cool. I’m doing that by the El Gato stream deck switches between scenes right here for me.

So this provides me the power to take issues to the subsequent degree. But earlier than you get to that point, you hit settings up here.

And what it’s essential to do is make sure that your videos arrange within the right approach I like to recommend Be certain that your base Canvas decision in your output scaled resolution is 1920 by 1080. And your widespread FPS values are 60. That provides you the very best high quality video, then on the audio over right here, you just want to ensure your microphone is in the right supply.

Now when you bought the appropriate one I advisable it can say Scarlet one thing and that can be the place your microphone is. Now you would put in the event you needed to mano on it could be good but and then you’ll be able to go over to output right here. But this is only if you’re reside streaming. So that you don’t want to try this. So once you’ve obtained your video over here, you possibly can go into superior if you might want to. But you really don’t have to you simply set the video up appropriately.

You then get the report, you hit the recording button on right here, you’ll be able to see it says stop recording down here,

you hit the report button and just start speaking. Now once you’ve received that configured, and you’ve obtained your video appropriately set up, then it’s really easy to move things around and configure panels. The first key thing you need to do is add your digital camera as a source and whatever your first scene is.

So in your first scene, you’ll go over right here and add your digital camera. So you set you hit the plus sign, and then you will put in video capture gadget.

And that must be your digital camera. If it’s a USB digital camera, it should show up as one of the units in there. So once you add your digital camera in, then it’ll look something like this. So if I hit it like this, it has the resolution 1920 by 1080 at it as a device identify now since I’m truly using a Canon XA11 right into a capture card, that’s it’s referred to as USB capture HDMI now that setup costs round $1500 dollars. However this provides me a considerably higher picture than utilizing that Logitech C930e, which I do as a result of I’m knowledgeable and I do that all the time, it is sensible to spend that extra cash on it.

I’ve the 60 body right here, I hit cancel on that. Now the subsequent factor, the key thing to do on the digital camera is to put a filter and when you’ve obtained the green display and do the chroma key, and the OBS chroma key runs fairly good straight up on the default settings.

I turned the contrast up just a little bit to offer myself just a little bit extra shade. And what’s cool. If you want to turn off the chroma key, you possibly can simply hit this button. And now look, you’ll see the Chroma keys off.

And what you’ll be able to see now’s where my green display truly is. So if I transfer myself out right here, you’ll be able to see that is what it actually seems to be like with no chroma key.

And this why OBS is superior, you possibly can change all these things in actual time. So you’ve obtained you’ve acquired chroma key, you possibly can see on these totally different measurement scenes that I’m utilizing where the actual inexperienced display is. And then once I go, I’m going put it up over here and I’m going over to filters and I flip the chroma key back on, then every little thing is all set back behind me.

Now once you’ve received your digital camera in and your audio in you might have to sync them, this is likely one of the key things to ensure your mouth is speaking and precisely at the similar time your audio goes off.

So what you can do to do this is to do a fast clap check.

So that you do a fast clap check. And also you be sure that your arms, you hold your palms up to the digital camera, you be sure your palms touch at the exact same time within the recording that you simply’re that the audio is spiking, you are able to do this with audio modifying program, I exploit Last Reduce Pro X, all I do is I take it in, I make it possible for the audio spikes proper when my arms touch.

And what I discovered is 115 milliseconds, or a few 10th of a second distinction by default. So be sure that your lips line up, make certain your clap check strains up exactly to where your lips really are.

Now, should you’re using a USB digital camera, this won’t be a problem. However with me, I’ve received slightly little bit of lag as a result of I’m using the Canon XA 1 into a seize card and I’ve received 115 millisecond difference, which is enough to annoy me if I watch someone else like that in OBS, or any program, make sure that your audios lined up. And the great thing about doing it this manner is once you set it up this manner it’s lined up this manner in undoubtedly you by no means have to vary it, you simply go into advanced audio properties, your sink offset is completed.

And you calculate that based mostly on the frames. So if it’s 60 frames per second, you calculate the seconds based mostly on the body difference. So mine was off a few 10th of a second about six or seven frames is what it was off. After which I just put that in there.

Now as a way to get your background on. So we’ve acquired the microphone and the digital camera related. So as to get your background on the very last thing you want to do is add a monitor. So should you hit plus on right here, and also you decide up on a not you can do individual browsers on here, you can do a show seize, what you need to often do is do a display capture, in the event you had a display seize, it’s going to help you decide up a whole monitor.

After which you’ll be able to easily decide up one monitor or one other you’ll be able to crop it if it’s worthwhile to. However the primary thing to do is hit plus and hit show seize. And once you’ve hit show capture, then you definitely’re set. All you do from here is transfer yourself around. So for instance, if I need to change the dimensions of this, I can simply do drag this to totally different sizes.

So let’s say I need to make this greater, I can drag it there. Now remember you’ll be able to’t undo stuff like this plenty of occasions. So in the event you do this, then it may well make it slightly off. So you’ll be able to simply drag this you can too right click on and go to rework, you possibly can all the time go to reset rework anytime you need to and that may put you back to the default.

After which should you’ve received one thing else, like I can go to the small, proper and I can hit rework and I can hit Edit rework. And this can give me the power to put things in exactly the proper position.

This manner, I can see precisely what measurement it’s. And then you can too shrink it or you’ll be able to increase it. So if I’m going over the properties, that’s the show one. In case you are not seeing the choice, be sure to’re on the suitable source. So I used to be not on the best choice over here, then I can see the precise measurement that this is over here on that one.

So for example, I needed to match it up there I might, however OBS is so cool. You can just literally drag your self precisely how huge you want it put yourself in there. You’ll be able to even do that in real time when you’re recording.

It’s also possible to add some colour fields. When you’ve obtained an internet site you’ll be able to put things like that up there. In case you’ve obtained one thing like a YouTube channel, you possibly can put something like just a little background paintings asking individuals to subscribe on it, there’s a ton of things you can do in OBS to take your setup to a gorgeous professional degree I’ve given you all the essential details that you simply want as a way to set the the inspiration up where you’ll be able to then movie programs and just crank them out without having to spend a bunch of time modifying.

Now that I’ve proven you tips on how to set the gear up from the audio gear, the video gear after which the actual software that puts all of it together. Now speak about some extra of the delicate expertise you need to be able to truly use this gear efficiently to make a course.

Thank you very a lot for ending this complete video. I trust that in the event you haven’t already you’ll bounce throughout that subscribe button as a result of it will make it easier to see new videos you possibly can hit notifications in the event you actually don’t ever need to miss one which I recommend don’t ever miss one my videos are superb.

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I’m so grateful you’ve made all of it the best way to the top of this. I imagine you may benefit from the full course and I trust I’ve given you a laundry listing of the way to take it to the subsequent degree with me and you’ll find much more links within the description.


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