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EVE Online: Rubicon 1.3 patch notes

EVE Online: Rubicon 1.3 patch notes
Residence Editorial Stability EVE On-line: Rubicon 1.three patch notes

Promising higher graphics, higher stability, an improved interface and (sure) paintable spaceships, CCP has rolled out a serious patch for EVE On-line: Rubicon right now. See the patch notes under for particulars.

EVE On-line: Rubicon 1.three official modifications

Artwork & Graphic

  • Lighting mannequin up to date to make use of linear calculations for ships. This primary cross of Linear Lighting will increase the feel constancy enhancing the richness of colour and provides the graphics group rather more management for future enhancements. We’d like to emphasise that this primary implementation of linear lighting and step one in overhauling our lighting system. Extra info is on the market right here.
  • The Tristan T1 hull now sports activities a contemporary design that displays its Nemesis T2 counterpart and makes use of new warp-induced animations.
  • Asteroids at the moment are utilizing newest shaders and are simplified for each efficiency and visible high quality.
  • All Sovereignty models at the moment are renovated and utilizing the newest shaders. There have been numerous bug fixes for the Sovereignty Territorial Declare Unit which ensures the right visible state is represented relying on the sovereignty standing.
  • The background pictures within the Character Creator have been transformed into a special file format. This decreases the picture file measurement with out dropping picture high quality.
  • The format for 3D meshes has now been upgraded to the newest model. All mesh information have been transformed and can influence the patch measurement.

Drone Help

  • Capped the variety of drones that may be assigned to a single character at 50.
    • Notice: this cover ignores drones owned by the asignee

German Localization

  • “Hardpoint” is now persistently translated as “Montageplatz” in German.
  • “Warp core power” is now persistently translated as “Warpkernstärke” in German.
  • “AU” (astronomical unit) is now persistently translated as “AE” in German.
  • “Wormhole area” is now persistently translated as “Wurmlochraum” in German.
  • “Frontal lobe” is now persistently translated as “Frontallappen” in German.

In-Recreation Browser

  • When clicking a button within the shopper to purchase a PLEX or enter account administration that requires, the system browser will probably be used as an alternative of the In-Recreation Browser. (Consists of actions within the character choice display, the NEX retailer and the PLEX show-info window)


  • New Hull Upkeep Bots have been added to the sport in Mild, Medium and Heavy sizes and each T1 and T2 variants. Blueprints for the Tech One Hull Upkeep Bots may be obtained at CreoDron stations.
  • Two new improved variants of the Cellular Tractor Unit construction have been added. They’re often known as the ‘Packrat’ Cellular Tractor Unit and the ‘Magpie’ Cellular Tractor Unit and blueprints to fabricate them could be present in Ghost Websites.
  • 4 new beauty variants of present ships have been made out there within the NEX retailer. These ships require their accomplished base hull to construct and haven’t any improve in energy. They are often bought utilizing AUR from the NEX retailer or utilizing ISK from the market. For extra info please see this dev weblog.
    • Punisher Kador Version
    • Merlin Nugoeihuvi Version
    • Rifter Krusual Version
    • Incursus Aliastra Version
    • Abaddon Kador Version
    • Rokh Nugoeihuvi Version
    • Maelstrom Krusual Version
    • Hyperion Aliastra Version
  • The Police Pursuit Comet has been added to the CONCORD LP retailer. It’s a beauty variant of the Federation Navy Comet and has precisely the identical stats as the usual Federation Navy Comet frigate.


  • All knowledge on Jovian vessels instantly disappear from capsuleer ship databases; conspiracy theorists go wild, till a CONCORD official explains they only determined to archive the knowledge resulting from a scarcity of current sightings.

Russian Localization

  • Numerous strings within the Neocom and Station Providers have been up to date.

Ships and Modules

  • The Distant Sensor Dampener Optimum Vary and Falloff bonus on the Celestis cruiser has been lowered to 7.5% per degree.
  • The optimum vary of all Distant Sensor Dampeners has been lowered by 16.66%.
  • A collection of stability modifications to a number of Tech One Frigates and Cruisers have been made. The modifications might be discovered under:
      • +2 PWG
      • +three CPU
      • -20s Cap Recharge Time
      • +25 m/s velocity
      • +143000 mass
      • -Zero.45 inertia
      • +1 sensor power
    • KESTREL:
      • +5 m/s velocity
      • -50000 mass
    • RIFTER:
      • Eliminated +7.5% Small Projectile Turret monitoring bonus per degree
      • Added +10% Small Projectile Turret falloff bonus per degree
      • +10 m/s velocity
      • +Zero.01 inertia
      • Eliminated +5% missile injury bonus per degree
      • Added -5% missile RoF bonus per degree
      • +2 PWG
      • +10 m/s velocity
      • +Zero.02 inertia
      • +50 Capacitor
      • +25s Cap Recharge Time
      • +95 m/s velocity
      • -Zero.05 inertia
      • +160000 mass
    • BANTAM:
      • +30 Capacitor
      • +15s Cap Recharge Time
      • +70 m/s velocity
      • +Zero.35 inertia
    • NAVITAS:
      • +35 Capacitor
      • +17.5s Cap Recharge Time
      • +80 m/s velocity
      • +Zero.35 inertia
    • BURST:
      • +30 Capacitor
      • +15s Cap Recharge Time
      • +80 m/s velocity
      • +Zero.35 inertia
    • AUGOROR:
      • +25 m/s velocity
      • -Zero.12 inertia
      • +2140000 mass
    • OSPREY:
      • +10 m/s
      • +Zero.02 inertia
      • -130000 mass
    • MALLER:
      • +10 m/s velocity
      • -Zero.044 inertia
      • +1100000 mass
    • MOA:
      • +200 shields
      • -100 hull
      • +50 capacitor
      • +15s cap recharge time
      • -220000 mass
    • VEXOR:
      • -10 m/s velocity
      • +Zero.03 inertia
      • -210000 mass
    • OMEN:
      • +25 m/s velocity
      • -Zero.08 inertia
      • +1950000 mass
    • CARACAL:


  • The effectiveness of the Company Administration, Empire Management, Megacorp Administration and Sovereignty expertise have been doubled. Company CEOs might want to reapply their expertise within the company administration interface for the modifications to take impact. The brand new bonuses are:
    • Company Administration: +20 company members allowed per degree
    • Megacorp Administration: +100 company members allowed per degree
    • Empire Management: +400 company members allowed per degree
    • Sovereignty: +2000 company members allowed per degree
  • The Restore Drone Operation talent and Drone Restore Augmentor rigs now improve the Hull restore fee of Hull Upkeep Bots along with the bonuses they supply to Armor and Defend logistic drones.

The Sisters of EVE

  • Sisters of EVE LP shops now supply Astero, Stratios and Nestor BPCs in change for brand spanking new Rogue Drone Nexus chips:
    • Rogue Drone 46-X Nexus Chip for Astero blueprint
    • Rogue Drone 43-X Nexus Chip for Stratios blueprint
    • Rogue Drone 42-X Nexus Chip for Nestor blueprint
  • These new Nexus chips have an opportunity to drop from ‘Sentient’ Rogue Drones, which may be present in Rogue Drone cosmic anomalies or asteroid belts in Drone managed areas
  • The Nestor has acquired a small set of stability modifications:
    • Capacitor raised to 7000 (was 6200)
    • Capacitor recharge time lowered to 1025s (was 1154s)
    • Scan decision elevated to 125 (was 85)
    • Position bonus to vary of distant armor repairers raised to 200% (was 100%)

Consumer Interface

  • The Path scanners consumer expertise has been improved. The only subject vary enter has been changed by two enter fields, one for km and one for AU, and a variety slider. These three enter widgets are interconnected and can replace when one modifications. The scan angle slider has been modified to be simpler to make use of.
  • Filtering and highlighting of phrases in chat is now potential by establishing an inventory of phrase in a setting window opened from a chat channel window. These settings are saved on the server.
  • The capability of the bays of your present ship is now displayed in a bar within the Present Information window.
  • The “Becoming” tab within the Present Information window has been given a little bit of a facelift, and can listing the becoming of your present ship or ships in your private station hangars.
  • The settings for the Notification part of Evemail have been modified to help you have totally different blinking and pop-up settings for every of the Notification teams. These settings shall be saved on the server.
  • A brand new Notification group, Insurance coverage, has been added.
  • A configurable shortcut to toggle between “customized” and “middle“ digital camera monitoring modes has been added.
  • A configurable shortcut to allow “customized“ digital camera monitoring mode has been added, in addition to a shortcut to allow “middle“ digital camera monitoring mode.
  • The “Eat“ right-click choice for medicine has been moved in the direction of the highest of the menu.
  • Further proper click on choices at the moment are out there for celestials within the Orbital Our bodies tab of the System Present information window.
  • You at the moment are capable of open a number of Kill Studies by holding down the shift key when clicking, identical to you are able to do with Present Information home windows and Saved Becoming home windows.
  • The station visitor listing now comes with a counter for the variety of individuals presently docked.
  • The station visitor record can now has a compact member record icon, that solely shows the standings icon and identify of the participant.
  • The station visitor listing now comes with a searchable filter for docked visitors, which filters the listing the second you begin typing.
  • Now you can drag modules from kill reviews to the examine software, chat and different locations.
  • Additional particulars can be found in a dev weblog right here.


Blueprints and Manufacturing

  • The Gnosis now requires one unit of Tritanium to construct as an alternative of materializing out of skinny air.

German Localization

  • Numerous consistency points within the German translation have been fastened.


  • A texture was adjusted to reenable missile smoke trails.
  • Corrected occlusion points inflicting stations to be seen via moons.
  • Fastened lacking textures on sure dungeon stations
  • Remoted the Cellular Micro Leap Unit impact to activating ships solely.
  • Modified the jumpgate transition to get rid of distorted fisheye digital camera results after jumpgate journey.
  • Reinstated exhaust flame results on the Rorqual.
  • The Air purifier exhibits now the right Viziam emblem.


  • Repair for a problem the place a stationary wreck that had beforehand been moved by a tractor beam might sometimes develop into unimaginable for some missiles to focus on.
  • Fastened a problem stopping station providers from transferring/disabling correctly.
  • Modified the Gallente Army Station to stop ships from turning into caught on undock.
  • Minor content material fixes together with spelling errors, object placement and mission completion triggers.
  • Corrected a problem giving medium-sized ships the potential to grow to be caught on Customs Workplaces.
  • Leap rely in Incursion International Report and for saved places in Individuals & Locations now makes use of autopilot setting for calculations.

Missions and Complexes

  • The NPC will not assault you after you completed the mission: What’s in a Identify – Poke (three of 5)
  • The Business talent e-book has been added as a reward for finishing the mission: Making Mountainsout of Molehills (1 of 10).
  • The Business talent guide has been added as a reward for finishing the mission: Balancing the Books (1 of 10).
  • A Civilian Miner module is offered initially of the mission, and the deceptive un-minable asteroids within the mission location have been changed with much less complicated objects within the mission: Balancing the Books (three of 10)
  • The transport ship Extra Bark has been modified to a white cross hair transport ship within the mission: Truthful Play (2 of 5).
  • Fastened a problem with too many Outposts being current within the degree 4 variants of the mission: Intercept the Saboteurs.
  • De-spawning points with Blood Den has been fastened.
  • The required mission-item was modified to “Angel Easy Set off Mechanism” which is discovered within the complicated in Traun for the mission: Info at a Value.
  • Popups for drug manufacturing Radar websites now point out extra clearly their danger & potential rewards.
  • The static website “Historic Amarr Tomb” was moved from it’s moon location. This website can nonetheless be discovered utilizing probes.


  • The True Centus Preacher has typically been discovered carrying blueprints for Bhaalgorn battleships. Sansha Kuvakei has personally ordered that the Preacher be reeducated to make sure that it solely carries gloriousNightmare BPCs sooner or later.
  • Rogue Drone Officers have a better drop fee on modules now and are guarantied to drop a 42-X Nexus Chip.
  • NPC AI has been enhanced to deal with a number of targets in additional strong means.

Ships and Modules

  • The bonus textual content on Scimitar and Oneiros now says “Distant Monitoring Pc” as an alternative of “Distant Sensor Booster”.
  • Cloaked ships are not in a position to make use of the prolonged becoming vary of a Cellular Depot to refit while nonetheless cloaked.
  • The speed of Heavy Missiles is now correctly affected by Bastion Module I.
  • Fastened descriptions of the Chimera, Wyvern, Thanathos, Nyx, Nidhoggur, Hel and Revenant to correctly hyperlink the Capital Defend Emission System talent of their “traits” tab.
  • Fastened challenge that brought on some overheated monitoring disruptors to have an effect on goal falloff vary too strongly.
  • A ship that’s invulnerable because it exits warp might be prevented from activating a Cynosural Area Generator till the warp invulnerability has cleared.


  • The “Required for” tab within the Present Information window for expertise like Anchoring or Propulsion Jamming is now additionally itemizing buildings like Management Towers or Cellular Warp Disruptors.


  • The CONCORD NPCs within the Superior Warfare Tutorial Arc (9 of 10) – “Glue” have been adjusted to not shoot the participant if he ran into their ships.

Consumer Interface

  • On the star map, the listing of station providers proven within the photo voltaic system pop-ups typically didn’t appropriately embrace ‘Militia Workplace’ as one of many obtainable providers. This has been fastened.

World Shaping

  • Added some lacking Ore improve websites for sure null sec techniques.
  • Modified names of two planets in 8S-0E1 as part of a reward for a DUST 514 event:
    • Planet III turns into Eon Prime
    • Planet IV turns into Historic Gliese


  • The aggression vary of Sleeper NPC’s has been adjusted in all wormhole websites.