Britax car seat review ClickTight rear facing tech

Britax Marathon ClickTight Review

Britax Marathon ClickTight Review

Ever since I’ve been listening to automotive seats (and admittedly, this was solely once I had my second youngster … ), individuals have been telling me: “Britax ClickTight is the bee’s knees!”

And listed here are some twins’ toes!

OK, not precisely in those phrases. I feel I’m the only one that says that.

However let me inform you, my little apiculturists: Britax ClickTight is the bee’s knees!

So what IS ClickTight, exactly? Nicely, it is a automotive seat function that permits for straightforward, breezy, lemon squeezy seat belt installation of your youngster’s automotive seat.

Wait what? Seat belt install? What concerning the LUAS?! (Lower Common Anchorage System) Nicely people, I’m right here to inform you something which may blow your thoughts: there’s a most weight for those decrease anchors.

I’m engaged on a extra elaborate submit about LUAS limits (typically known as LATCH limits), however let me offer you a Cole’s Notes version:

When automotive manufacturers designed decrease anchors within the late 90s, youngsters have been in harnessed seats till about 40 lb, and automotive seats themselves weighed, at most, around 25 lb. Let’s do some fast math right here. Lower anchors have been designed to restrain a complete of 65 lb of automotive seat and baby. TOTAL.

Fast ahead to 2019. We now maintain youngsters harnessed longer; youngsters shouldn’t move into a booster until they’re between 5 and 7 years previous, and relying on the child, which will mean they are driving in a harness until they weigh 50 lb or more.  In Canada, harnessed seats have a most of 65 lb, and some American seats at the moment are rated to 90 lb. The Britax Marathon, like many other seats today, weighs in at slightly below 30 lb, so having a simple seat belt set up is crucial.

As you and I know, seat belts are designed to restrain giant adult males, so it’s no hassle for the seat belt to restrain a heavy automotive seat and a heavy kid. But seat belt installs may be tough. Locking the seat belt and getting it tight enough is usually a problem even for a seasoned automotive seat tech, and a few seat belts are positioned in such a method that a safe seat belt set up is close to unimaginable with some automotive seats!

The ClickTight panel on Britax automotive seats allows you to skip the grunt work of tightening and locking your car’s seat belt until you get lower than an inch of motion back and forth on the belt path. All you do is lift up the panel, thread the seat belt by way of, buckle it, then close the ClickTight panel until—guess what—it CLICKS! No have to lock the seat belt. No tugging. No grunting. No need to interrupt a sweat.

Here’s a video I made (cinematography courtesy of my father):

Rear-facing Britax Marathon Clicktight Automotive Seat Installion Demo by a CPSAC-certified Baby Passenger Security TechnicianI wore sunglasses so I am not squinty! My Dad would really like me to acknowledge his cinematography!Affiliate links to buy:CA – – tuned to my blog for my full assessment!

Posted by Maman Loup’s Den by Lindsay Gallimore on Saturday, March 16, 2019


To open the ClickTight panel, you press down on the dimple on the ClickTight dial, then, grasping the dial like a key, flip clockwise. To shut it, you push forcefully and instantly downwards on the panel until it clicks and the ClickTight dial returns to its typical orientation. I find I typically want two to 3 pushes to get it to click. (In all probability because I’m pushing too daintily on the primary attempt!)

If your car has inflatable seat belts, remember to examine the Britax inflatable seat belt policy to find out whether the Marathon ClickTight may be installed with the inflatable seat belts in your specific car. At present their coverage is to not permit inflatable seat belts with their ClickTight line.

Now that I’ve coated the ClickTight, let’s take a look at the rest of this fabulous automotive seat.


  • Weight vary: 5–40 lb (2.three–18 kg)
  • Most standing peak: 49″ (124.5 cm)
  • Should have 1″ (2.5 cm) area between prime of kid’s head and prime of the headrest

Installation & match to car

The most important hurdle for many mother and father in relation to choosing a rear-facing seat (or two, or in our case, three) is discovering one that is compact front-to-back. A particularly widespread car-seat-choosing fake pas I see is assuming that any automotive seat will slot in any car. Not the case, people. Not the case. Should you select a automotive seat that has only one recline angle, that recline angle have to be suitable for each a newborn child and a toddler. And guess what? A seat needs to be fairly reclined to be protected for a newborn, so that seat takes up a number of area in most automobiles and may even make the entrance passenger seat unusable.

The Britax Marathon ClickTight has seven attainable reclines. For an older child with head and neck management, the Marathon might be very upright, making it a terrific selection for tight spaces. It matches easily in the again row of our Honda Odyssey with our centre-row captain’s seats pushed all the best way back.

Moderately than requiring you to squint at a line etched into the aspect of the seat to ensure it’s installed at the right angle, the Britax Marathon ClickTight has an easy-to-read recline indicator. For a baby with out head and neck management, the black ball must be all the best way in the mild blue space. For an older child, you’ve received numerous wiggle room, with the suitable recline angle being anyplace inside the 2 shades of blue.

When using the Marathon ClickTight in rear-facing mode, you have to install the anti-rebound bar. It is designed to stop rebound rotation in the event of a collision. When you’ve lifted the ClickTight panel, you slide all sides of the anti-rebound bar into the two structure tubes marked by pink indicators. Closing the ClickTight panel will safe the anti-rebound bar.

Set the recline of the seat before you install it by pulling the recline deal with on the again of the seat and grasping the underside of the seat to rotate it to the place you want the black recline indicator ball to be.

As you saw in my tutorial video, installing the Marathon rear-facing with the ClickTight is a dream. You don’t have to squeeze your self inside your car and behind the seat to use downward strain, and also you don’t have to squint to make sure a line etched in the shell is parallel with the bottom.

Keep in mind to learn your car guide for automotive seat installation directions and skim your whole automotive seat guide. When unsure about your set up, contact the producer’s customer service line and/or attain out to a CPSAC-trained Youngster Passenger Safety Technician.

Fit to youngster:

You should use the inside or outer buckle slot in rear-facing mode. Move to the outer slot if the buckle is underneath your youngster. Keep in mind, the harness ought to be at or under the kid’s shoulders in rear-facing mode.

We have now been testing the Marathon ClickTight in rear-facing mode with each my daughter who is 3.5 years previous, 32 lb (14.5 kg) and 38 inches tall and the twins who are simply shy of 20 lb (9 kg) and slightly below and simply over 30″ (76.2 cm) tall.

Because of the no-rethread harness (which means you do not want to unthread the harness to adjust the peak), I can simply change around who’s using which seat in the van. (That is often completed based on the choice of my most vocal passenger—the 3.5 yr previous.) She usually rides in a Marathon subsequent to one of the twins in a narrower convertible seat within the centre row of the van, and the other twin rides in our other Marathon within the back with huge brother in his booster. But if I’m out with simply the twins, they journey subsequent to one another in the centre.

Both the twins and large sister seem content and cozy within the Marathon, though compared to other seats we’ve tried I do notice there’s less legroom. My daughter has zero complaints concerning the legroom and is completely satisfied to put her legs in quite a lot of positions.

Observe that the rubber impact-absorbing chest pads usually are not required in rear-facing mode. They’re designed to absorb impression in forward-facing mode and are strongly really helpful for forward-facing riders. The consolation harness covers that safe around the harness to guard child’s neck are additionally optionally available. I ended up eradicating each the chest pads and harness covers as I discovered it a lot easier to get a safe harness fit without them.


  • Weight range: 22–65 lb (10–29.4 kg)
  • Most standing peak: 49″ (124.5 cm)
  • Prime of ears have to be under the highest of the top pad
  • Harness have to be at or slightly above shoulders

Installation & fit to car

Crucial quirk of Britax automotive seats when it comes to car compatibility is that the car headrest must not put strain on the automotive seat headrest. Be sure you check this when making an attempt a Britax seat in your specific car. Check it with the automotive seat’s headrest at its highest to be sure that as your youngster grows and also you increase the headrest, the seat nonetheless works in your car. If your car has forward-leaning headrests that can’t be eliminated (both because they’re fastened in place or as a result of the car producer does not allow their removing), chances are you’ll not be capable of use a Britax seat in forward-facing mode at all headrest heights. (You need to have the ability to discover details about your car’s headrests in your owner’s guide; if unsure ask a Youngster Passenger Security Technician.)

In any other case, because of the ClickTight panel, even seat belt geometry that may be actually difficult with different automotive seats is not any drawback. Carry the panel, thread the seat belt via the forward-facing belt path, buckle, and shut the panel. And because you’re using the car seat belt to put in, no need to worry about switching from LUAS as your youngster grows. (In case you’re wondering, you need to use the Marathon with the LUAS up to a child-weight of 40 lb. However in case you are installing your Marathon ClickTight with LUAS, you’ve paid for the performance of the ClickTight panel for no cause. The LUAS is current because by regulation it needs to be, but this can be a seat that is designed to be installed with the seat belt.)

Keep in mind to take away the anti-rebound bar in forward-facing mode.

Match to youngster

When utilizing this seat in forward-facing mode, keep in mind to use the outermost buckle slot and that the harness ought to be at or slightly above the child’s shoulders.

Miss Cub rode in the Marathon forward-facing for a number of weeks, and we tested my son in it whereas it was in the house. At the time he measured 48″ (122 cm) and I was extraordinarily impressed to seek out he nonetheless match within the Marathon with the harness above his shoulders.

The highest harness peak is 18.65″ (47.32 cm), making it one of the highest prime harness slots available on the market for a convertible automotive seat. Some seats are as little as 15″ (38 cm) and the very best out there is simply over 19″ (48.26 cm). Many seats available on the market could have a seemingly high peak most for forward-facing, however the standing peak most means nothing if the top harness slot is just too low. Once the harness is coming from under the kid’s shoulders, the seat is outgrown, no matter whether they’re shorter than the height limit. The ClickTight’s excessive prime harness peak means youngsters can keep harnessed longer, and it will be uncommon (thought not inconceivable) for a kid to outgrow the Marathon ClickTight and never be ready to move right into a booster.

Miss Cub seemed a lot cozy in the Marathon in forward-facing mode. I’ve heard some mother and father and youngsters find the crotch buckle too brief, however thus far this hasn’t been an issue for us.

The impact-absorbing chest pads are “highly advisable” in forward-facing mode, but optionally available in rear-facing mode, especially for small infants on which the chest pads would forestall a cosy harness fit. Tightening the harness with the chest pads on takes a bit of getting used to, however I find they actually help the consumer pay attention to proper chest clip positioning. (Keep in mind, we would like that chest clip at nipple/armpit degree!)

Britax automotive seats come with a v-shaped Versa tether which can be utilized as a crash indicator, serving to mother and father know if they should discontinue use of their seat after a collision. Observe that the Britax crash coverage has particular criteria to determine if a seat must be replaced after a crash, even when the tether indicator continues to be intact.

Issues I really like concerning the Britax Marathon ClickTight Convertible Automotive Seat:

  • This seat is straightforward to install and use appropriately 100% of the time—a automotive seat tech’s dream!
  • The ClickTight panel makes tough seat belt installs a breeze.
  • A high prime harness peak keeps youngsters harnessed longer.
  • The no-rethread harness makes sharing the seat between youngsters of various heights hassle-free.
  • Many recline angles allows the seat to be very upright and compact, making it an ideal rear-facing selection for small automobiles.
  • The storage compartment on the back of the seat for the tether means no dangling pieces when put in in rear-facing mode.
  • The instruction guide is thorough and straightforward to comply with.
  • The recline indicator is straightforward to learn.
  • The super-lux padding offers maximum comfort (though my daughter has never complained about automotive seat consolation, even travelling lengthy distances in decidedly un-padded models).

Issues I like less concerning the Britax Marathon ClickTight:

  • The worth level shouldn’t be affordable for each family.
  • The seat pan is just not especially deep, so it makes for much less legroom in rear-facing mode. This isn’t a security concern, however some youngsters might find it uncomfortable or, extra doubtless, some mother and father might mistakenly consider it’s unsafe or uncomfortable and switch their youngster forward-facing earlier than it’s crucial.
  • The seat is heavy. This isn’t a seat I might need to deliver on a aircraft or carry forwards and backwards from a taxi.
  • Due to the ClickTight panel, it’s straightforward for crumbs and different detritus from your youngster to fall by way of the area between the panel and the seat (compared to other seats the place the crumbs will fall into the creases of the material cowl however not into the seat itself). After utilizing the seat solely a month or so, and really not often eating in it, I used to be stunned by what number of crumbs have been beneath the ClickTight panel. In case your youngster snacks lots of their seat, I’d verify typically and clear the seat typically to keep away from crumbs getting stuck and interfering with the harness adjuster.
  • As a result of Britax doesn’t need the car’s headrest to put any strain on the Marathon’s headrest, sure automobiles with forward-leaning headrests that can’t be eliminated (both as a result of they’re fastened or as a result of the manufacturer requires them in place) might be incompatible with the seat in forward-facing mode.
  • The seat itself is broad, so it’s not an appropriate choice in case you are making an attempt to suit three passengers in a row in most automobiles.
  • There are not any cup holders. (My youngsters don’t appear to care however perhaps this is necessary to yours?!)

At a retail worth of CAN$449.99, I’m not about to say that everybody can afford a Britax Marathon ClickTight. The question is, do I feel it’s value spending this a lot on this automotive seat? (And I’m the first to confess that there are some expensive automotive seats on the market that I might not advocate investing in.)

The explanations I feel a Marathon ClickTight is well worth the investment whether it is attainable for your family:

  • A 10-year expiry means will probably be good for multiple youngsters.
  • A very good match for newborns means you’ll be able to skip the bucket seat part if you would like (not one thing I like to recommend when you have twins, however for a singleton it’s very manageable).
  • An excellent-high prime harness peak means you’re virtually guaranteed that this seat will maintain your youngster harnessed until they’re prepared to move right into a booster seat.
  • The frustration-free seat belt installation will save you gallons of blood, sweat and tears each time it is advisable to move your automotive seat.
  • Consumer-friendly options just like the recline indicator, ClickTight panel and no-rethread harness make it very straightforward so that you can use and set up this seat appropriately 100% of the time (which is what I, your friendly neighbourhood automotive seat technician, really cherish in any automotive seat I recommend).

There are a couple of situations I can consider that don’t will let you benefit from the ClickTight panel because it is advisable to install the seat utilizing the UAS. For example, in some automobiles with a 3rd row, you’ll be able to’t move the centre row’s outboard seat to entry the third row if a automotive seat is installed utilizing the seat belt. If your car has inflatable seat belts, you can’t use the ClickTight panel, and if your car seat belt is damaged, clearly you also can’t. Simply something to consider!

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