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Best Equipment for a Pro Gaming Live Stream to Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Mixer, and Restream

Best Equipment for a Pro Gaming Live Stream to Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Mixer, and Restream

What’s the greatest gear to make use of for stay streaming? I’m imagining this video will utterly answer your questions. You should use this gear also for not just Facebook, but you should use it for Twitch, YouTube and Mixer. You can even use it to film video programs and I’m filming on this gear.

Greatest Gear for a Professional Gaming Reside Stream to Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Mixer, and Restream

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Gear is a type of essential things. It’s the very first thing value investing money in. Viewers can see even when it’s subconsciously only whether or not you’re using good gear or not. You may have the ability to inform, otherwise you won’t, that I’m utilizing a digital camera that’s of very top quality right here in comparison with just using a webcam that I’ve used in lots of my earlier movies.

Good gear also provides you flexibility. I can easily reside stream on any platform. I can easily even change from Xbox to PlayStation Four midstream. I can do PC games, Xbox and PlayStation, and even document videos all on the very same monitor.

This gear set up I will provide you with is the perfect I’ve ever seen earlier than. It doesn’t mean it’s the perfect on the earth, however it’s actually good. Perhaps it is the greatest. It’s the most effective I’ve seen.

This listing is on my assets web page at and you may entry it from the highest menu once you click on the “Assets” button. You’ll get an inventory of all of the gear for my entire enterprise right here that I feel is admittedly helpful.

Best Equipment for a Pro Gaming Live Stream to Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Mixer, and Restream

What I will do now’s present you clicking on these particular ones. I’m about to point out you the digital camera, the studio microphone, the gaming monitor, the standing desk and a number of other others.

Let’s go over to Firefox and try these.

Number one piece of kit is that this right right here. That is my little secret and I think about it’s a variety of little secrets from many players. This is the BenQ Zowie 24 inch full HD gaming monitor.

Best Equipment for a Pro Gaming Live Stream to Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Mixer, and Restream

Now, this thing is absolutely, actually good because it has an HDMI out. This enables me to put anything I need to stream straight into this monitor, then all I do is take an HDMI out of no matter is on the monitor.

I’ve acquired my audio and my video ready to go, and it’s super straightforward if you use this setup identical to this.

The BenQ monitor is probably the most persistently beneficial piece of kit I share with everyone.

Get one in every of these screens.

What I did once I first arrange my stay streaming for video games is I put my seize card instantly. The seize card was related to the Xbox, after which the capture card was related to the monitor and the pc.

This added a big quantity of lag between the Xbox, what it was placing out versus what I truly noticed on the monitor.

My kill demise ratio on “Call of Obligation” went up point three, which is a large bounce when it was 1.Four to 1.7 virtually instantly once I took that seize card set up out. Ensure you use a gaming monitor set up like this. All the time put the source immediately right into a monitor, then take the HDMI out of the monitor into your capture card as a result of you will notice the feed instantly on the monitor, then you are able to do no matter you need to with it.

In the event you put the seize card in first, it’ll add somewhat little bit of lag and until you’re enjoying something even a single-player recreation a couple of additional milliseconds of lag might decrease your efficiency within the recreation. Even pinball, virtually anything I can consider, you don’t need that additional display lag and this monitor makes it really easy.

Subsequent, in case you are utilizing this monitor setup, what you will have is a seize card and in case you are utilizing my setup with a digital camera, you’ll need two capture playing cards.

Best Equipment for a Pro Gaming Live Stream to Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Mixer, and Restream

I exploit these Magewell USB capture playing cards.

These work rather well.

There’s a knock off that’s about half the worth. I purchased the actual deal. It works rather well. The knockoff has some dangerous evaluations. I bought both of those. They provide me 1080, 60 frames per second, which is completely excellent on both my digital camera and out of the monitor.

Subsequently, something I stream goes into one in every of these seize playing cards, so whatever is on the monitor, then my face on the digital camera comes out into another one in every of these capture playing cards.

You’ll be able to see, as you start snowballing the price of all these things collectively, the best gear can get costly, but the good gear can also be very straightforward to make use of and really effective.

I’ve acquired, subsequently, two of those.

We’ll do the entire value.

So, this monitor was simply around $200. This is $600 for these seize cards. Then the costliest single piece of kit right here is the digital camera.

I appeared and researched so long on the cameras.

Best Equipment for a Pro Gaming Live Stream to Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Mixer, and Restream

A superb digital camera makes a huge distinction. A superb digital camera really makes using a green display straightforward. An excellent digital camera helps you stand out. An excellent digital camera provides you a whole lot of flexibility when it comes to what you are able to do and placing it in several modes working together with your lighting, etcetera.

One among my largest frustrations, and you may take a look at it over my older programs, was the digital camera. You will notice utilizing four or 5 totally different cameras during the last a number of years. Finally, this Canon XA11 Professional Camcorder, this factor lastly is the digital camera of my goals on this studio setup.

I’m grateful my pal Tomas George at came and visited me from the UK as part of his USA tour and brought his older model of this to check at my studio.

He helped me make sure that this acquired set up and worked properly. I bought the most recent model.

I’m finally very proud of my digital camera.

For the first time in years of doing stay streaming videos, I’m not testing and enjoying round and making an attempt to get a brand new digital camera.

If you’d like an affordable choice, you should use the Logitech C930. It only costs about $80 or $90. It provides a reasonably good picture, however it whitewashes your face and the extra you do it the extra annoying it’s going to get.

You should purchase the cheaper stuff to start out out, after which calculate the dollars per hour you’re losing by getting irritated on the low quality of your digital camera, or you should purchase the great one like I do.

One other piece of kit that you simply won’t consider is to get a battery backup. I’ve obtained every thing on battery backup.

Best Equipment for a Pro Gaming Live Stream to Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Mixer, and Restream

I’ve obtained two of these. I technically assume I’ve a special mannequin, this one wore out after a number of years, however this is the one I used for the longest and I have three battery backups.

Truly there are two totally different routers I have to have on battery backup for my Internet. One is in the house, then I’ve obtained two battery backups out here.

My entire setup will continue operating anyplace from 10 to 30 minutes, with 30 being in all probability optimistic. I have no less than 10 minutes with the facility off, which when we now have plenty of these little power glitches where I stay, where the facility simply briefly glitches out for a minute, it is mandatory.

I had five or so hundred individuals watching my reside stream someday, which at the time was probably the most I had had in years. My stream was going rather well and the facility went out and I didn’t have the one thing on battery backup. I lost the entire stream for doing that.

Be sure to get the battery backup as a result of it’s just peace of mind. That method you realize if for some purpose the facility does exit, even if your power never goes out, you simply received the peace of thoughts that if it does exit, you gained’t lose your reside stream and if it stays out you’ll have time to wrap it up and say, “Hey look, my power is out. I may need to shut down here in a minute or two.”

Battery backup actually helps out quite a bit.

Now, understand that I used to have my reside streaming studio in my bed room. This stuff, if the facility does glitch or brownout or have voltage irregularities can make some noise.

Sure, I’ve put them in the attic after dealing with that for a yr.

If you’d like knowledgeable quality microphone, this is the microphone I exploit: the Electro-Voice RE 20 Cardioid Microphone.

Best Equipment for a Pro Gaming Live Stream to Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Mixer, and Restream

You will get cheaper microphones that can sound fairly good. If you would like the pro-quality, this microphone is the best way to go.

I researched and used a bunch of different microphones till lastly again deciding on this one.

It really works rather well.

My pal Tomas George obtained me on this microphone as nicely.

If you want to use this microphone, you want a USB audio interface to place it into your pc. This is the one I exploit for my Mac Pro to place it in the pc.

A Focusrite Scarlett 2i2.

Best Equipment for a Pro Gaming Live Stream to Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Mixer, and Restream

I additionally put this first right into a preamp.

So here’s the order.

My voice goes into the microphone, then it goes into the preamp, then it goes into the Focusrite.

I’ve obtained it set up like this as a result of this enables me to place these audio effects onto my voice earlier than they even get within the pc.

I understand you can do that with OBS. Technically I’m utilizing Wirecast to document this proper now as a result of OBS for some purpose, I don’t have it set up very nicely.

I just use OBS for gaming. That is value recording a video course. If I had the processing simply in OBS, then if I change software, like I do a YouTube or Skype call or whatever, then my processing just isn’t there anymore.

What this setup permits me to do is I exploit the preamp, then every part is consistent. My voice is processed the identical on my video course, on my stay streams, on any calls or interviews I do. It all sounds exactly the identical and it’s acquired that professional quality to it based mostly on my capability to tweak the knobs decently.

Best Equipment for a Pro Gaming Live Stream to Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Mixer, and Restream

You’ll be able to hear it’s received compression.

So if I get really loud, it lowers the voice and if I get sort of quiet, you’ll be able to still hear it. I’ve received it arrange where I can flip up and down the bass increase and the high frequency. I’ve acquired it so I’ve adjusted the quantity. This enables every little thing I do to have one constant sound to it.

My audiobooks sound the identical as my video programs. My video programs sound the identical as my stay streams and it’s all effortless. All I do is literally turn the gear on and start speaking.

I used to do video courses where I had to put on the publish effect processing for audio each single time on every single video.

You want it in order that it goes into the pc appropriately. It’s so much easier and it’s important for stay streaming.

For this microphone, I’ve also acquired a Swivel mount studio microphone growth arm, which provides me the power to maneuver the mic around like I would like.

This is tremendous helpful.

Best Equipment for a Pro Gaming Live Stream to Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Mixer, and Restream

You possibly can see I can transfer the microphone really easy wherever I would like it to, which is good. I position it slightly in a different way for audiobooks or reside streaming. I make slight moves to it, which deviates my voice just a little bit, however who’s paying that close consideration anyway.

One other thing that stands me out amongst stay streamers truly, together with proper now, is that I am standing up. If I put this on full and step again, you possibly can see I’m standing up proper now.

Best Equipment for a Pro Gaming Live Stream to Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Mixer, and Restream

Standing up makes it simpler to stay extra animated and it’s also wholesome. If you end up aspiring to do something 3 to 6 hours a day, it’s a lot better I feel to face up although it has taken my leg muscle tissue some vital getting used to.

I experienced a whole lot of again issues in my life and standing up and strolling each day, and limiting the amount of time I sit down, has helped me a ton with my back problems.

A number of the things that we do to our bodies, our self-inflicted again problems are a pure results of sitting down lots.

For health and for being interactive and thrilling on stream, a standing desk is approach simpler.

Best Equipment for a Pro Gaming Live Stream to Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Mixer, and Restream

Subsequent time, do this out. If you end up talking with someone and having an extended telephone conversation, see the distinction of how they speak otherwise you speak based mostly on whether you’re sitting or standing.

I’ve observed, for example, listening to my mother on the telephone. If she is sitting down she will pay attention fairly properly, she will just speak a bit bit and usually doesn’t get too excited. If she is standing up, then she is admittedly into it. She is consistently speaking and it’s typically arduous to get a word in.

On stay stream, I can simply maintain talking naturally whereas I’m standing up. Once I’m sitting down numerous occasions, it feels pressured. If you’ll notice in case you are sitting down and you’re having hassle finding things to say and you’re awkward, attempt standing up.

I guess you can find it quite a bit simpler and more pure to speak. It’s also simpler to do hand movements to keep your body unfastened and especially in case you are gaming for a number of hours simply shake your “bootay,” like you would just shake it out somewhat bit. You already know, move your palms, help the blood stream around your body.

In case you are sitting hunched over like this, in fact, you’ll harm, after which you will attempt numb the pain. You’ll put your self on this awful addictive life cycle and screw your entire life up.

A standing desk will assist out so much, lengthy story brief.

We are virtually achieved.

I exploit this headset.

So many people ask, what headset do you employ?

I simply googled this for the Xbox One.

This BENGOO V-Four gaming headset has acquired these cool blue lights. I don’t know if I shall be using this.

Best Equipment for a Pro Gaming Live Stream to Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Mixer, and Restream

There’s a pink one I’d attempt too. That is the one I’m using right now for Xbox.

For PlayStation, this Turtle Seashore headset is really nice.

Best Equipment for a Pro Gaming Live Stream to Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Mixer, and Restream

What I do with this Turtle Seashore headset is I hook up with Discord on my iMac, then I can use voice chat on my reside stream with out having to have my social gathering on the stream, which is very nice once you acquired people who may hop into this social gathering, be enjoying copyrighted music, which might instantly get my Fb stream shut down, or you have got individuals saying MF this, MF that, or even worse that can also get your Facebook stream shut down.

For PlayStation Four this Turtle Seashore headset is really nice. You simply take the optical out from the PlayStation stick it within the headset, then take the USB out from the computer, ideally a special one than you’re using to reside stream, put that into the Turtle Seashore, you then gained’t have a headset on PlayStation. Nevertheless, you’ll not have to worry about individuals in social gathering speaking in your voice chat getting your stream in hassle both.

That’s the gear I exploit.

If you need to see the up to date listing if it ever modifications, will you please go to because you can see much more issues I exploit for my business like my website hosting, my outside digital camera, etcetera.

Best Equipment for a Pro Gaming Live Stream to Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Mixer, and Restream

Thanks for watching this entire factor.

I really like you.

You’re awesome and I hope this is helpful for establishing your reside streaming studio gear.

Ultimate words


You’re one of the only folks that made it to the very finish of this tutorial video.

Best Equipment for a Pro Gaming Live Stream to Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Mixer, and Restream

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Best Equipment for a Pro Gaming Live Stream to Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Mixer, and Restream

That’s the primary means I’ve made money online and I am grateful for the prospect that will help you with the same as we speak.

Thank you very a lot for being right here.

We love you.

You’re superior.

We respect you spending this time with us here wherever you’re.

Perhaps I’ll see you in the course soon.

Best Equipment for a Pro Gaming Live Stream to Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Mixer, and Restream

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