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Baby Jogger City View All-in-One Car Seat Review

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It appears that evidently “start to booster” automotive seats are all the fashion proper now!

I get it: shoppers love the thought of shopping for one automotive seat that may take their youngster from the hospital by way of main faculty.

The new Baby Jogger Metropolis View can theoretically do this, however I feel it shines as a rear-facing seat for youngsters ready to maneuver out of their infant seat right into a long-lasting rear-facing seat and then as a forward-facing seat for youngsters (even tall ones) who have outgrown rear-facing mode. It is a pretty compact choice each when it comes to width and rear-facing front-to-back footprint, it boasts a nice range of reclines and is an easy install because of many convenience features and a user-friendly guide. (For those who’ve discovered something from me, people, I hope it is “READ YOUR MANUAL!”)

The Canadian retail worth of the Metropolis View is $499. This makes it costlier than the Graco 4Ever ($399) and the Diono Radian 2 AXT and Britax Marathon Clicktight (both $449), but inexpensive than the Clek Foonf and Nuna Rava (each $599). Notice that the 4Ever transforms into a usable excessive and low-back booster, but the Diono doesn’t are likely to work nicely in booster mode for most youngsters, and the Clek and Nuna would not have a booster mode.

Any Baby Passenger Security Tech (CPST) value their salt will inform you that the fitting automotive seat matches your baby, your car and your finances, so I’m here that will help you determine if the City View meets these three criteria for your loved ones; keep in mind that there isn’t any single automotive seat that may work for everybody, regardless of how much your neighbour, the woman in your mommy & me class, the salesperson on the child store or your favorite Mommy Blogger-turned-CPST loves it.

Spoiler alert—sure, I undoubtedly do like it! But let’s begin with the key specs for the seat earlier than I inform you all the the reason why it really works properly for us.


  • 19.75″ (50.2 cm) at widest level
  • observe: advertising materials state “17.4″ broad,” however this isn’t the measurement of its widest point
UAS Restrict

  • 5–40 lb (2.3–18 kg)
  • 18–43″ (46–109.2 cm)
  • prime of head have to be a minimum of 1″ (2.5 cm) under the harness adjustment lever
  • lowest harness peak is roughly Eight″ (20.three cm) with the toddler cushion

  • 22–65 lb (10–29.5 kg)
  • 27-49″ (68.6–124.5 cm)
  • tops of child’s ears have to be under the top of the headrest
  • highest harness peak is approximately 17.5″ (44.5 cm)
High-back booster

  • 40–100 lb (18–45 kg)
  • 43–57″ (109.2–119.three cm)
  • youngster have to be at the very least Four years previous (CPSTs advocate a minimum of 5 years previous to start out utilizing a booster)
  • highest shoulder belt information peak is 19″ (48.3 cm)

For those who’re questioning why I specify lowest and highest harness heights and shoulder belt guide peak, take a look at my publish about how to decide on the appropriate seat on your youngster. Though not listed on the field or within the guide, a seat’s lowest and highest harness peak—and if applicable, shoulder belt guide peak—are all key items of data when figuring out if a seat meets your baby’s wants.

  • Anti-rebound bar for rear-facing mode to scale back upward rotation of the seat in a collision (The anti-rebound bar on the City View have to be used in rear-facing mode in Canada but is non-compulsory in the USA.)
  • Metal strengthened frame
  • No-rethread harness that glides smoothly up and down with the headrest
  • Included harness pads (optionally available in each rear- and forward-facing modes )
  • Toddler help cushion and head cushion (non-compulsory and only for rear-facing)
  • Four recline options (two for rear-facing, one for forward-facing and one for forward-facing or booster mode)
  • Bubble indicator to make sure the right rear-facing angle
  • Straightforward to remove, straightforward to open, mechanically cleanable cowl
  • Premium, push-on UAS connectors which are straightforward to click on on and in addition straightforward to take away
  • Giant head wings to help sleepy heads
  • Elective cup holder may be put in on both aspect of the seat

Each time I assist a mum or dad troubleshoot their rear-facing automotive seat set up, I blow their minds by displaying them how straightforward it is to get a secure install should you pull the united statestail from the within of the seat. (This applies to forward-facing installs too!)

To do that, you sometimes have to raise the seat cover to show the belt path and pull the tail via. Typically this is annoying because the seat cowl is awkward to remove and much more awkward to place again in place once the seat is installed. The City View’s cover secures to the automotive seat with sturdy, straightforward to seek out metallic snaps and lifts up easily to show the vast belt path, with the intention to easily tighten the united statesstrap OR seat belt relying in your set up technique.

The two recline angles for rear-facing permit mother and father to install the seat at the desired recline depending on their youngster’s wants and the slope of their car’s seats. The bubble along the blue indicator line can be closer to the entrance of the car when the seat is at its most compact and closer to the back of the car when the seat is at its most reclined. To have the seat as reclined as attainable (most popular for a new child) a rolled towel or pool noodle could be put underneath the bottom. The slope of your car’s seats will dictate whether or not that is crucial. Any spot along that blue line is a suitable recline when the car is parked on degree ground.

Within the captain’s chairs within the second row of my 2014 Odyssey, the City View matches nice. The photograph on the left exhibits it installed on the first (extra reclined) rear-facing angle, the second on its more compact angle.

It’s a simple set up utilizing both the united statesor the car belt. Even at its most reclined, there’s loads of room for a tall front passenger or driver.

I additionally put in the City View in the centre seat of the center row, also known as the “eighth seat.” My era of Odyssey has a “extensive mode,” which suggests you’ll be able to slide the captain’s chairs in the direction of the doorways to create more room for 3 automotive seats. That centre, 8th seat is slender, but engineers at Baby Jogger confirmed for me that the seat may be put in in that position regardless that the anti-rebound bar overhangs the edges of the seat back. With the Metropolis View put in in this place and the seats on “large mode,” you possibly can nonetheless fold and slide the adjoining captain’s chair to entry the back row.

The centre row of the Odyssey is well known for being mighty roomy, so the opposite spot I put in the Metropolis View was in our back row. Put in at its most upright, it’s no drawback to fit the City View within the back row with out it bracing on the captain’s chair in entrance of it. To get a suitable recline, I truly use the first recline angle on this seating place. (If I exploit the second recline, the bubble isn’t on the blue line and the seat is just too upright.) That is the “everlasting” position for our Metropolis View at this level; it’s where my almost-4-year-old rides rear-facing.

The Metropolis View is a superb selection for three throughout within the Odyssey centre row, whether it’s three Metropolis Views (#tripletshappen) or a mixture of seats. As for the third row, if my son is driving in a compact, backless booster (we use the Bily Booster when we have to squeeze me again there), I’m capable of sit between him and the Metropolis View in the again row of our Odyssey.

I additionally examined the Metropolis View rear-facing in a 2009 Ford Escape and 2012 Mazda three.

Within the Mazda 3, which is well-known for its minuscule back seat, there’s not much room for a tall front passenger (or driver) even with the seat at its most compact. I am 5’Eight″ (172.7 cm) and anybody taller than me would undoubtedly not be snug. Within the Escape there have been no issues for a tall driver with the seat at its most upright.

In my aunt’s 2019 Subaru Ascent within the centre row, the seat put in nicely with UAS in each outboard positions. (A lot of room left for a entrance passenger.) With the City View on one aspect and one other slender convertible on the opposite aspect, we might additionally seat my 12-year-old cousin in the centre place in the Bily Booster.

In my mother and father’ 2010 Mitsubishi Outlander (with its surprisingly tiny back seat), when installed at its most upright there was sufficient room for me in the front passenger seat, but not anyone with much longer legs than me.

I tested the Metropolis View on 4 rear-facing riders.

The smallest check subject was my cousin’s daughter who’s a very petite Eight-month-old. Based on my analysis, she’s concerning the measurement of a 50th percentile 4- to 5-month-old, so that provides us a nice point of comparison of how the Metropolis View matches a young baby.

With the bum cushion in and the harness at its lowest peak of Eight″ (20.three cm), the harness was just barely under her shoulders. What this tells me is that the Metropolis View is just not going to be a superb match for some newborns. It’s actually arduous to foretell the torso peak of a new child, but in case you are more likely to have a preemie, it’s undoubtedly sensible to consider using an toddler seat (with a suitably low harness peak) for the first few months.

Our little Cousin Cub matches very comfortably within the Metropolis View, and as you’ll see with the subsequent three fashions, she has numerous room to develop.

The subsequent Metropolis View check topics have been my 16-month-old twins. Although Cub Twin B is slightly taller and heavier, I’m going to think about them as a unit since they match the seat in the same method. They weigh 21 lb and 23 lb respectively (9.5 kg and 10.4 kg).

For the twins, the bum and head cushions aren’t vital, and we still have the crotch buckle on the primary position. I actually love how they fit in the seat. The headrest sits kind of flush with the again of the automotive seat, so it doesn’t push their heads ahead and trigger them to droop excessively.

Because we wish to see youngsters journey rear-facing so long as attainable, an important check subject for the City View is my 4-year-old daughter. The City View is her seat now due to all of our rear-facing seats, that is the one that fits my largest rear-facer greatest.

Miss Cub is 38.5″ (97.Eight cm) tall and weighs 33 lb (15 kg). The City View matches her completely. When it comes to comfort, she was comfortable as a clam for our 13-hour drive from Calgary to Vancouver. She’s obtained the crotch buckle on the second setting, and general I discover she’s under no circumstances cramped in this seat and will simply match rear-facing past age 5. Some youngsters her age will weigh more than 40 lb and be taller than 43″, so it is very important remember that if your baby is on the upper end of the growth curve for peak, weight, or each, you could need to think about one other seat for rear-facing into preschool.

I do not presently have any forward-facing, harnessed kiddos, however for science, I naturally had to check the set up of the Metropolis View in this mode.

As with rear-facing, because of the massive, accessible belt path and easy-to-open cover, set up is simple and user-friendly. Depending on the slope of your car seats and your youngster’s consolation, you will have two forward-facing recline options. On the captain’s seat of our Odyssey, I received the most effective install with the seat in its most upright position.

Though my daughter sometimes nonetheless rides rear-facing, we tested her forward-facing fit in the Metropolis View. It’s equally nice!

Of biggest curiosity is how properly a much taller baby matches the harness. My son is 49.5″ (125.7 cm) tall, so he’s half an inch too tall for the Metropolis View’s harness mode; nevertheless, the harness itself nonetheless sits above his shoulders. He’s virtually 7 years previous and about 75th percentile for peak, so I might anticipate the harness peak to keep nearly all of youngsters harnessed until booster readiness. (A toddler who could be very tall and carries lots of peak of their torso might not make it to booster readiness in this seat.)

To set the City View up for booster mode, you should not have to remove the harness. In truth, you just stow it neatly in the compartment designed for this function, behind the seat cowl. You do have to take away the crotch buckle, however that’s straightforward.

There is only one recline for booster mode, and if desired you’ll be able to secure the Metropolis View to the car using the UAS. Keep in mind that utilizing the united statesin booster mode is just to stop the seat from turning into a projectile in a collision and to hold the seat in place when the child is embarking and disembarking. It does not restrain the kid in any method. You’ll be able to completely install the Metropolis View in booster mode able without lower anchors—simply keep in mind to all the time buckle the seat in when it is unoccupied in order that it doesn’t develop into a projectile. Keep in mind that you can’t use any booster seat able that has only a lap belt.

Based on the Metropolis View guide, the car headrest should not create a niche between the again of the booster seat and the car seatback. You might have to take away your car’s headrest if potential and if permitted by the car manufacturer. The base of seat should not overhang the car seat in booster mode. In case your car has forward-leaning headrests that can’t be eliminated, or a very brief seat pan, this seat might not be just right for you in booster mode.

The City View sits appropriately in booster mode on our Odyssey captain’s chair with the headrest removed (permitted by Honda).

The Metropolis View’s booster mode is the place the seat shines the least.

While having booster functionality is a pleasant selling function, most mother and father wind up buying a separate, lighter weight, easier-to-use dedicated booster by the time their baby is able to use the booster mode of their seat. Why? In lots of instances it just is sensible to purchase the older youngster a devoted booster so that the harnessed seat may be handed right down to a youthful sibling. With a 10-year expiry, the Metropolis View is ideal for that.

Seats that convert into boosters are, initially, designed as harnessed seats. They are sometimes built taller, making them more durable for boostered youngsters to climb into and to buckle themselves in. The City View is not any exception. In this seat, my son undoubtedly can’t fasten his seat belt without my assist whereas in his devoted booster, which sits much decrease and has an simply accessible information for the lap belt, he completely can.

Some seats that convert into boosters are nearly unusable in this mode as a result of the seat belt not often matches the kid adequately. Keep in mind that we need to see the shoulder belt centred on the collarbone (not throughout the neck and not in the direction of the edge of the shoulder) and the lap belt sitting low and flat across the hips (not on the stomach or on the thighs). The City View supplies an accurate belt fit for my son who’s 49.5″ (127.5 cm) and tends to wear measurement 6 garments.

Nevertheless, my son has lengthy legs (like his mama), so I observed that the seat pan of the City View is a bit brief for him. His knees truly prolong out a bit previous the sting of the seat, and of course the seat is raised fairly a bit above the car seat. Even together with his bum behind the seat, he appears like he’s slouching a bit. It will really depend upon how lengthy the kid’s legs are when it comes to whether or not this seat can be an excellent match for them in booster mode, and that’s no totally different than some other booster seat. There’s no one seat that matches every kiddo.

When it comes to the shoulder belt information, my son has at the least a superb inch of peak to grow earlier than outgrowing the guide. That stated, I wouldn’t choose this seat for him as a booster because of his lengthy legs. In our household, the more than likely sequence will probably be my daughter maxing the seat out for its harness before passing it right down to one of the twins and going into her older brother’s devoted high-back booster as he “graduates” to a easy backless booster.

  • Spectacularly thorough, properly organized and unambiguous consumer guide (THANK YOU BABY JOGGER!)
  • Straightforward to take away, straightforward to open, machine-washable cover
  • Bubble-style recline indicator keeps the guesswork out of rear-facing angles
  • Giant, easily accessible and clearly labelled belt paths (No knuckle-scraping required to thread that seat belt!)
  • Premium push-on UAS connectors
  • Giant head wings provide good help for nappers
  • Included harness pads for added consolation
  • No-rethread harness makes adjusting the seat for a number of riders straightforward
  • Crotch buckle place could be changed while not having to uninstall the seat
  • Harness adjustment is clean like butter, no uneven or twisted straps to fiddle with (Of all the seats we use, I’d say it’s one of the best harness!)
  • Decently excessive prime harness slot to maintain youngsters harnessed till booster-ready
  • Roomy design in a compact frame keeps older youngsters comfortably rear-facing
  • Straightforward to convert to booster mode
  • Lowest harness setting – I might like to see a slightly lower one on this seat to really have the ability to match nearly all of youngsters right from delivery.
  • Prime harness peak – I might additionally wish to see a better setting for these youngsters with long torsos.
  • Seat pan – The slope at the front makes it a bit brief for my son in booster mode, so it’s not ultimate for a kiddy-long-legs like mine.
  • Rear-facing footprint – While undoubtedly not big, the Metropolis View is less compact than some rivals, so it’s not preferrred for tremendous compact automobiles with tall front occupants.
  • Worth point – Whereas on no account accessible for all families, I do assume it has the best features and the best baby limits to make it a worthwhile funding, especially if a sibling is more likely to come along to maximize the 10-year lifespan of the seat.

The Baby Jogger Metropolis View is one among my prime suggestions for a post-bucket-seat rear-facing seat, which may even be appropriate from start for many babies (however be aware of the 8″ lowest harness peak).

The City View is my favorite of the seats we’ve tried for my rear-facing 4-year-old, and she or he has many years of use ahead of her as she strikes to forward-facing and even booster mode.

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