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12 All-In-One Hubmotors, because I keep getting asked about them

12 All-In-One Hubmotors, because I keep getting asked about them

In terms of putting in an electrical bike package, many potential consumers are nervous concerning the technical difficulties of that activity, and they’re drawn to techniques which have a quite simple set up, even when that selection may restrict the efficiency features of the package. Right here is an index of a number of low-performance kits that make the set up tremendous straightforward.

[Before we get started, I want you to know that I appreciate any company that is trying to sell electric bike stuff, so I do feel bad about my negative reviews below, but…I have to be truthful to my readers, and these kits keep popping up in the news. For some reason the media seems to be enchanted by every new version…]

#1, Copenhagen Wheel

I’m placing this package first, as a result of they appear to be probably the most well-known, and that’s as a result of they’ve had probably the most complete promoting marketing campaign. Since they use a torque-sensing “Pedal Help Sensor (PAS)” that’s constructed into the rear hubmotor, there isn’t a want for a bottom-bracket (BB) PAS, or a hand throttle on the handlebars.

One of many principal options of the “All In One” hubs is that…the battery pack is constructed into the wasted area that exists within the middle of the hubmotor. I’ve to admit that I like several firm that’s making an attempt to construct, promote, and promote electrical bikes. That being stated, my largest concern about all-in-one hubmotors is the dimensions restrict on the battery pack. This forces the customer to simply accept low efficiency and brief vary, in change for saving a pair hours on the set up.

If Copenhagen Wheel contacted me for technical recommendation, I might have prompt that they’ve an non-compulsory package the place there was no battery built-into the hub, and there was a socket for any 48V/52V battery to be plugged into it. However then once more, in the event that they did that and went out of enterprise, perhaps it will be my fault, or perhaps they might have gone out of enterprise anyhow…


The Copenhagen Wheel accommodates all the things, the motor, controller, battery, and PAS-throttle


Earlier than we get any additional, I need to confess that I don’t advocate any of those all-in-ones. I reside within the USA, and my most frequently ridden ebike has a 1500W Bafang BBSHD. The one change I plan on for this subsequent summer time is to swap-in a higher-amp controller for 2500W (and in addition to construct a DD-hub cargobike).

Virtually all of those “all in ones” are marketed in Europe, due to their ridiculously low 250W energy restrict for “road authorized” electrical bikes. In the event you stay the place the terrain is flat (and also you need to obey the regulation), then these 250W all-in-ones are literally not horrible. The issue I’ve is that there are hills the place I reside, so…

The Copenhagen Wheel is reported to have been developed at MIT, the Massachusetts Institute of Know-how. That may be a world-famous high-level college. If that is true, then I’m disenchanted in MIT (I didn’t go to college, and I do know high-school college students who might have executed higher). The one factor they acquired proper was to call it after Copenhagen.  That may be a metropolis that could be very pro-ebike, AND…it is extremely flat (no hills). This package has low energy and brief vary, however for those who reside near work (and also you need a simple and fast set up) it truly is ideal.

The massive purple disc stands out, however I like that. That is clearly for somebody who’s NOT making an attempt to cover that it’s electrical. For those who can’t disguise it, embrace it! The customized spokes in all probability didn’t assist. When you break one, they might be straightforward to re-install, however you can solely get them from the corporate you acquire the package from.

It WOULD even be good for the very flat metropolis of Manhattan (in New York, USA), however…NY is cracking down on ebikes. It seems that their environmentally-friendly politics solely work outdoors of the paradigm of taxis, limos, and the subway gathering tens of millions of dollars every month into the town treasury (in the course of the Watergate scandal, the investigators mantra was “comply with the cash”).

#2, Zehus / Flykly

The Zehus “multi functional” holds a tender spot in my coronary heart, as a result of they have been an early adopter of this fashion. I respect entrepreneurs who take dangers and are new to the sport. Additionally, Zehus bought management of “FlyKly” to realize entry to their patents.

In June of 2014, we reported on the Zehus drive as part of the the gorgeous and costly Pininfarina-designed Fuoriserie ebike.

The Zehus hubmotor


The graphic exhibits that they’ve a 2P battery pack (two cells in Parallel) utilizing 18650 cells. If they’re utilizing trendy 10-amp 3400-mAh cells, they’ve roughly 6.Eight-Ah of vary, and the graphic exhibits an 8S voltage of a nominal 28V, and 20A of peak amps obtainable.

The Zehus hubmotor

#three, iMortor,  from Yunzhilun 

This package was initially referred to as “UrbaNext”, when it started on kickstarter and Indiegogo. Should you don’t do anything at present, please watch this brief video from a German blogger reporting on this ebike package. Don’t ask why they spell it “iMortor”.

This package has a battery pack that’s 10S/1P (ten of the 18650-format cells), so…utilizing at present obtainable elements, it’s 36V /three.2-Ah…(see the 10:33 mark). The MH1 cell proven from LG-Chem (within the 18650 format) is rated for 3200-mAh and 10A, so…

That being stated, this product is promoting itself as having a Area-Oriented-Management (FOC, one of the best sort of sine-wave controller), and they’re obtainable on Amazon. Plus, they’ve a wi-fi smart-phone app that connects your system to the controller. The only cable is just to hook up with the dashboard.

As a lot as I really feel the iMortor is under-powered, it does have some fascinating options. The battery pack is the half-moon form on the underside left.


The half-moon protrusion on the appropriate aspect is the detachable battery pack. The package can also be reported to have a socket that permits the consumer to plug in a bottle battery pack to increase vary.

The iMortor supplies 250W as much as 27-km/h, (16-MPH, the authorized restrict within the EU), utilizing a 10S / 1P battery pack.


The iMortor


#Four, iMortor

The newer and bigger iMortor supplies 350W as much as 34-km/h, (20-MPH, the authorized restrict within the USA). Though the model makes use of a decrease voltage of 24V, it additionally has extra cells inside which are configured in a 2P association, so it could draw extra amps. It’s 7S / 2P (14 of the 18650-format cells).

The Yunzhilun iMortor


The odd protrusion on the left pic is the proprietary battery again that’s detachable. Yunzhilun additionally sells bigger 24V bottle-shaped batteries that may be plugged-into their hub to increase the vary.

#5, Electron Wheel, by Currie

The Electron web site could be discovered by clicking right here. If I ever discover pics of the insides, I’ll submit them right here. Currie is a HUGE international ebike firm. They is probably not well-known within the USA, and that’s comprehensible as a result of they’re targeted on the massive EU marketplace for 250W ebikes. I’ve taken dumps that used up greater than 250W after a chili cook-off competitors…


The Electron Wheel, by Currie


#6, Evelo Omni Wheel

When you reside in a metropolis with flat terrain, the Omni Wheel truly isn’t too dangerous. It solely makes use of a 7S / 24V battery pack, however, the geared planetary discount signifies that the modest 250-Watt’s of enter are transformed into much more wheel-torque that you simply may anticipate from 250W. This brief video exhibits that it even has FOUR cells in parallel (4P). If they’re utilizing a contemporary three.Four-Ah cell, then three.Four-Ah X 4P = 13.6-Ah of vary, together with an honest quantity of amps.


The Evelo Omni Wheel


A closeup of the Evelo Omni Wheel geared hubmotor. The aluminum fins cool the controller.


The motor on the Omni Wheel is a small 250W unit (see under for perspective, the motor is the white disc within the middle), however…the truth that it’s “geared” means the obtainable enter watts are magnified mechanically into the utmost potential quantity of wheel torque.


Evelo Omni Wheel. Utilizing a tiny geared 250W motor, built-in controller, and 7 collection teams of 4P cells utilizing the 18650-format.

#7, MIT Greenwheel

Should you seek for all-in-one hubmotors, the MIT Greenwheel will present up as being scorching in 2008, so…right here it’s…this design group determined that inside the out there diameter of hub, they needed the battery to be greater (occupying the outer diameter space) and the motor to be smaller (within the middle).

The battery pack is 8S / 2P, so it makes use of 28V and relying on the 26650-format A123 cells it utilized in 2008…it’s arduous to say what number of Amp-hours (Ah) it had, and amps of present it might put out.


The MIT Greenwheel

#Eight, Rool’in

The Rool’in firm web site is predicated within the UK. This mannequin is accessible in 28, 26, and 20-inch tire diameter. Here’s a video they posted.


The Rool’in Wheel

#9, Daymak Shadow

This ebike was a scorching new merchandise in 2011, after which…they shortly went out of enterprise. The articles talked about how the throttle controls have been wi-fi, however the energy was solely 250W, and they’re not obtainable on the market…


The Daymak. Was it 2WD? Who is aware of…


Motor: 350W steady (Peaks at 500W)
Battery: 36V 10-Ah Lithium
Controller: Daymak Drive
Weight: 59 lbs / 26 kilos
Prime Velocity: controller-limited to 34 km/h (20-MPH)
Makes use of “Frequency-Hopping Unfold Spectrum” know-how to stop interference
ISM Wi-fi Frequency (2.Four GHz)

#10, EZ Wheelie Wi-fi Electrical Bike Conversion Wheel

“…Utterly wirelessly, this all-in-one gadget matches any bike measurement from 20 to 29 inches. Because of its versatile design, EZ Wheelie is suitable with most bicycles, together with child’s bikes and mountain bikes. Moreover, the wheel takes only one minute to put in. Merely obtain the app and begin driving. You may as well use an optionally available Bluetooth show to regulate the bike. Furthermore, the wheel comes with a number of battery measurement choices, providing a 20, 40 or 60-mile vary. It additionally supplies 5 ranges of pedal help, permitting you to journey as much as 20 mph with out doing all of the work…


The EZ Wheelie blah blah blah package

#11, DK Metropolis Scorching Wheel

Not a lot information obtainable, however I’m impressed that they selected a battery that’s 14S / 2P. Here’s a video that they posted. The motor is geared.

The DK Metropolis Scorching Wheel


DK Metropolis Scorching Wheel

#12, db RevO

These guys aren’t posting a lot information concerning the specs, however they appear to care most about having a number of colours out there.

The colourful db RevO


My Opinion…

As I said earlier than, I’m not a fan of those. They focus ALL of the motor and battery weight right into a single wheel, at one finish of the bike. Nevertheless…should you stay in a flat metropolis and don’t want lots of vary or energy, they aren’t horrible.

That being stated, my largest peeve is that the battery is inbuilt. I would like the choice to mount the battery the place I would like it to be. I additionally need the choice to swap-in a bigger battery if I need to journey a for much longer distance (overlook about any of the vary claims within the advertisements for these). I additionally need to be simply capable of purchase and mount a brand new battery when the previous one wears out.

I made a decision to compile this record so I’ve one thing to hyperlink to when somebody asks me about these…once more…and once more…

Written by Ron/spinningmagnets, January 2019