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10 Documented Reasons GMOs are Anti-American

Are GMOs patriotic? It seems only a rogue element of the U.S. government really thinks so.

Editor’s Word: This article was initially written on the Fourth of July and republished for Labor Day, 2019. Please share with anybody who continues to swallow the propaganda that GMOs are “protected” and good for American interests.

The Fourth of July isn’t just a celebration of our independence, but in addition a celebration of American ideals; common concepts all of us attempt for and luxuriate in, just like the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for starters.

Tens of millions of People and loads of American corporations characterize these beliefs every single day. But others, like Monsanto, the multinational St. Louis-based GMO (genetically modified organism) big, and its contemporaries definitely don’t qualify.

Their choice to foist GMOs on the American individuals via our meals supply, with out their information or consent (widespread adoption first began in 1999), has unleashed a hurricane of unintended uncomfortable side effects which might be just now starting to be understood.

And like they’ve so many occasions all through their nation’s historical past, the American individuals are rebelling, both out on the streets by means of mass protests like the March Towards Monsanto or at the money register by avoiding GMOs and shopping for organic greater than ever earlier than.

Despite the fact that loads of People are nonetheless in the dead of night concerning the true effects of GMO meals and crops as a consequence of a scarcity of labeling and media transparency, the GMO-free movement continues to roll alongside, gaining power alongside the best way.

Whereas genetically modified organisms and the issues they pose are principally identified as an American creation around the globe, they stand in direct opposition to most of the most beliefs all of us hold pricey as a nation.

Are GMOs patriotic? It seems only a rogue aspect of the U.S. authorities actually thinks so (Graphic courtesy of

Listed here are the top ten explanation why GMOs will not be patriotic, and why we should always all do our greatest to avoid them at our Fourth of July cookouts and past:

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1. Freedom of Selection?

 One of many key tenets of freedom is entry to selection, but because of the ever present nature of genetically modified meals, People who want to avoid them typically don’t have an inexpensive capacity to choose really natural and organic meals.

Since Monsanto has genetically modified the overwhelming majority of two of the most typical food crops, corn and soy, that are used in numerous packaged meals and restaurant food products, avoiding GMOs has turn out to be nearly unattainable in lots of instances.

For example, as much as 80% of all meals on grocery retailer cabinets incorporates unlabeled GMOs, and GMO-free restaurant options are virtually unattainable to seek out in many areas.

2. They’re Harming Our Pursuits Overseas

In nations where pure and natural meals is extra highly valued, together with Italy, France, and Russia amongst others, the difficulty of GMOs is a extremely contentious one.

Constant protests towards GMOs and high ranges of shopper rejection have stored these and different areas principally GMO-free, however the U.S. refuses to relent; Wikleaks memos have even proven that the U.S. authorities has been pushing GMOs on different nations despite widespread opposition.

Different nations have rejected U.S. assist consisting of Monsanto and GMO seeds, including Haiti, whose farmers truly burned them following devastating earthquakes suffered in 2010.

GMOs are hurting America’s picture, and yet our authorities continues to trudge ahead in opposition to the remainder of the world.

three. The Right to a Truthful Trial?

Cross contamination of pure crops from GMOs is an ongoing menace to organic farmers, who could be subjected to lawsuits over “patent infringement” for “stealing” mental property they by no means needed within the first place.

In January of 2013, the U.S. Supreme Courtroom dismissed a landmark federal case, Organic Seed Growers and Trade Association et al v. Monsanto, denying family farmers their proper to argue on behalf of gaining protection from patent litigation abuse by Monsanto, which has a historical past of suing farmers whose pure crops are contaminated by their GMOs.

“Farmers had sought Courtroom safety underneath the Declaratory Judgment Act that ought to they turn into the innocent victims of contamination by Monsanto’s patented gene-splice know-how they might not perversely be sued for patent infringement,” the press launch from OSGATA stated.

Monsanto presently might sue farmers whose crops are contaminated with any quantity of genetically modified material over the “trace” quantity of 1%, but in accordance with plaintiff-farmer Rosie Marie Burroughs, a 4th-generation natural dairy farmer from California Cloverleaf Farms, that amount is definitely and by chance surpassed in the fields.

“GMO contamination levels can easily rise above 1% and then we might have zero safety from a pricey and burdensome lawsuit,” she stated.

four. “In God We Belief”

Regardless of your personal private idea of God, or a love-based “source power,” we all see this phrase printed on our dollar payments, and it’s a core worth that the majority People subscribe to.

If that’s certainly the case, then why is our authorities funding and always pushing GMOs, that are lab and man-made versions of the natural meals that we’ve all enjoyed for hundreds and hundreds of years?

Monsanto and other GMO corporations claim that their merchandise are “feeding the world,” however several studies disagree, together with current United Nations analysis displaying that small, scale, natural farming is one of the simplest ways to feed the world, not GMOs.

5. “A Man’s Home is His Citadel”

The idea of many legal guidelines in the USA, particularly in individual states, may be traced again to English widespread regulation, particularly all the best way again to the Magna Carta.

One widespread rule of English widespread regulation, “A Man’s Home is His Citadel,” applies to countless situations in America — however not within the case of GMOs, that’s, as Natural Seed Growers and Commerce Affiliation President Jim Gerritsen notes in this interview.

It principally states that what a person does in his residence, or on his place, is his own enterprise, and his personal area can’t be trespassed upon or his rights violated.

This doesn’t apply to Monsanto and GMO crop cross contamination, as the previously talked about OSGATA ruling notes. The duty of defending themselves from GMO contamination falls on the shoulders of natural farmers, however that is typically a troublesome and dear process that may enormously harm their companies and livelihoods.

report this advert“So, if for example, if we ought to be neighbors and I’ve a herd of cattle and you have a nice clover area it’s my duty to fence those cattle in so that they don’t trigger injury or loss to your good clover. It’s not your duty to place up a fence to maintain out my cattle,” Gerritsen stated.

“That respect for neighbor’s property rights has allowed People to peaceably stay amongst one another for lots of of years now.”

That respect is clearly lacking among GMO firms and farmers in the USA, who refuse to take any initiative to stop cross contamination that they alone must be answerable for.

6. “…For Slicing Off Our Trade with All Elements of the World”

The authors of the Declaration of Independence included an inventory of grievances with the King of the England, including amongst them their dissatisfaction with the Crown’s adverse impacts on the colonists’ trade ambitions.

declarrr“For chopping off our commerce with all elements of the world…” the declaration lists in this part, a passage that’s truly quite acquainted to many in the rising GMO-Free movement.

In current months, Russia, France, and a number of other other nations have banned GMO imports, particularly corn, and China has regularly rejected GMO contaminated shipments to the dismay of American farmers who are struggling economically.

To make issues worse, organic farmers growing crops like wheat, canola and a number of other different crops have misplaced key markets overseas because of GMO contamination and subsequent fears of more, in a number of worldwide markets.

7. “For Imposing Taxes On Us With out Our Consent”

 Another grievance documented in the Declaration of Independence, and one that would simply be made with our current authorities as nicely.

In accordance with several sources, U.S. taxpayer dollars have been funneled into the pockets of international lobbyists who negotiated offers to profit Monsanto, overseas.

That’s proper, your tax dollars have been used to push GMOs on nations abroad on nations whose residents don’t need them, without your consent, and with out even a peep from the mainstream information sources.


eight. Consent of Ruled Rights

 The Declaration also states that governments are to be instituted among men, deriving their simply powers from the consent of the ruled (that every time any Form of Authorities turns into damaging of these ends, it is the Proper of the Individuals to abolish it).

Within the case of GMOs, the consent of the individuals clearly was never given to utterly alter the meals system genetically, and the desire of the individuals is clearly not being adopted, as a number of polls have shown that an awesome amout of People at the least need to see meals containing GMOs labeled, together with a current one from Shopper Reviews.

In two previous instances where GMO labeling went up for a vote, in California and Washington (state), shopper efforts for labeling have been badly outspent by company pursuits and defeated after preliminary opinions have been shifted (pro-GMO interests have been even accused of laundering extra money that anyone else in election history by Washington AG Bob Ferguson).

Contemplating that the American individuals by no means asked for GMOs within the first place, a simple label sounds more than truthful, doesn’t it?

A total of 64 nations on the earth already label genetically modified food, including the members of the European Union, Australia, Brazil, Turkey, South Africa, even Russia and China, but People still don’t have the proper to know.

9. “Sure Inalienable Rights, That Amongst These Are Life…”

 This passage is part of the opening to the Declaration of Independence, and one thing GMOs (and the tough pesticides sprayed throughout them) aren’t especially suitable with.

While U.S. authorities businesses will inform you that GMOs are 100% protected, their assertions ignore the fact that, as former presidential candidate Ralph Nader pointed out, there isn’t a obligatory pre-market security testing for genetically engineered meals.

Many scientists have weighed in on the difficulty of GMO security, including in a press release launched last yr signed by almost 300 scientists saying that “there isn’t a scientific consensus concerning the dangers of eating genetically engineered meals;’ one other comparable one signed by over 800 scientists from around the globe was also despatched out this yr.

Even the FDA itself admitted in courtroom in 1998 that it had reached “no dispositive findings” concerning the health dangers of GMOs within the American food provide. In other phrases, it has not been proven that they don’t seem to be harmful to human well being. 

And because of the shortage of long-term security testing for these novel foods which are engineered to both produce poisonous pesticides or to face up to giant sprayings of them, the buyer is the guinea pig.

Supporters of the GMO-Free movement cite the many unbiased studies displaying potential harm from genetically modified foods, nevertheless, together with a research by Prof. Gilles-Eric Séralini of France displaying tumors in lab animals fed GMOs for longer than the usual 90-day feeding interval, that was just lately revealed in theEnvironmental Sciences Europe peer-reviewed journal.

Is consuming GMOs well worth the danger, once they have been proven to adversely have an effect on our pursuit of health and ample life?

That’s up to every American to determine. Choose correctly.

10. “…Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”

 As we’ve talked about before, the concept of liberty is one that can also be not suitable with farmers and GMOs.

Cross contamination is forcing many farmers to abandon rising sure crops like corn, soy and canola altogether, as Gerritsen notes in this article.

The U.S. government appears reluctant to do something about it, however in the meantime, non-GMO farmers are suffering, paying exorbitant prices (within the tens of hundreds of dollars and a “good portion of their complete revenue in response to Gerritsen on small to medium-sized family farms) and persevering with to see their worldwide markets dwindle as a consequence of contamination.

The only option to help them and their pursuit of liberty and happiness? To face up, make your voice heard, and vote together with your wallet.

It’s something to remember not solely on Independence Day, however day-after-day, as we move forward towards justice for farmers and a return to a naturally healthy, ample and numerous meals supply once more.

Glad Fourth of July, everybody, and don’t overlook to also keep in mind and honor the legacies of the Native People who tended this great land.

This text was originally revealed on July 3, 2014 and updated on July 2, 2018.

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